Summary of levels of access

We have designed three roles: Owner, Teacher, and Student.
Here is a short summary of levels of default* access.

Action Owner Teacher Student
Creating account Yes No No
Adding/deleting members of an account Yes No No
Reviewing statistics Yes No No
Checking all members of an account Yes Yes No
Creating folders Yes Yes No
Adding/deleting members of a folder Yes Yes No
Reviewing folders Yes, all existing folders Only those created or added to as a member Only those who were added as a student
Checking submitted reports All submitted reports to all folders All reports submitted to folders with access Only personal reports

*access settings can be reviewed

  • Students are allowed to submit reports to folders that a Teacher or Owner has assigned to them. Students can see only personal reports.
  • Teachers can create folders and share them with Students and other Teachers.
    Teachers are allowed to review all reports submitted by Students within the folders they have created or have been added to as a member.
  • An Owner is an administrator of an account. He or she can add and delete members to an account, review all existing folders, check statistics, and do everything Teachers have permission to do.
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