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Hassle-Free Plagiarism Checker

Protect yourself from accusations by following three simple steps and trying out our best-in-class plagiarism detection engine. Our tool is reliable, built on advanced algorithmic solutions, and comes with multiple guarantees.

You never have to worry about your work or writing being attributed to someone else again. You will never be wrongly accused and your work will always fly. Peace of mind has never costed so little as with

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Get a Plagiarism Report

    Getting a plagiarism report on your work is a smart idea to say the least. Just by spending some spare change, you protect yourself from false accusations and obtain a calm of mind that your assignment, script, literary piece, or any other work of writing is, statistically-speaking, one of a kind and does not replicate anything previously written.

    Such peace of mind is really worth the cost. The plagiarism report we provide can be used to prove the originality of any work. Although the report we provide is by no means an official document, it can still be perfectly used to show that your work contains not only original ideas but also original ways of expressing them. Insuring your work in this way is one of the best things an individual can do to make sure that a major assignment or a writing milestone is safe. Any unpleasant conversations that arise about the originality of your writing can be silenced with a plagiarism report from

Mechanism of Action

Built on advanced algorithms, our tool does not pick favorites. Coldly calculating the web, our tool consistently checks against every resource and content repository for duplicate content. Matching parts are highlighted, the overall level of plagiarism is calculated, and the text is returned to the user.

From the perspective of the plagiarism industry, a plagiarism level that is considered acceptable varies depending on the industry. In most industries, a plagiarism level of no more than 10% is considered normal.

Your plagiarism checker is really convenient! I enjoyed working with it. It provides detailed reports, including the list of possibly plagiarized sources, and the percentage of plagiarism detected. I use your plagchecker to improve my writing and research skills. AnchaliCopywriter
Thank you for upgrading checking algorithms. Now the plagchecker has become even more efficient, easy to use, and fast. Keep up the good work! CalvinSEO Specialist
Hello! I have used your website for awhile and it has saved me so many times. Our teachers are very strict with students who are suspected of plagiarizing sources, so we are always super­careful when writing our papers. JacquelineStudent

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