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About Us

PlagiarismCheck.org service was created in 2011 as an assistance tool designed for college students and teachers. Since the day it was launched, PlagiarismCheck.org has served over 77,000 users from 72 countries. So far, more than 9,300,000 works have been checked with its help!

PlagiarismCheck.org is a proud community of developers, writers, and linguists working around one idea: to provide college students and teachers with an inexpensive tool for detecting and eliminating plagiarism from their works, and supporting academic integrity. Join our community of 77,000 members and witness the quality of your content increase!

  • improve your writing quality
  • ensure the originality of the content you create
  • save yourself from worry: with PlagiarismCheck.org your writing will always be plagiarism-free

The Mechanics: How It Works

Upon scanning an uploaded document for plagiarism, our service provides users with detailed reports, containing detailed information about the sources which might be plagiarised, or were cited incorrectly. With such reports, you will be able to easily eliminate plagiarism from your paper.

The Mechanics: How It Works
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • PlagiarismCheck.org was founded by the idealists believing that every person creating written content—be it for school, work, or for fun—should have equal opportunities in accessing anti-plagiarism software.
  • We keep updating our products to meet the expectations of our users. We are dedicated to excellence and always make sure that our anti-plagiarism engine provides only the most accurate results for a fair fee. This way, we maintain our reliability and usefulness to our customers.
  • We believe that deliberate plagiarising is unethical and unacceptable. Unfortunately, there is always a chance of unintentional plagiarising. We believe that any person in the academic environment should have the possibility to insure themselves from it. In order to protect yourself from unnecessary accusations and always stay on the safe side, we recommend you using our anti-plagiarism software.

Ethical Statement

  • PlagiarismCheck.org neither respects, nor promotes academic dishonesty in any way. Be it academic environment or elsewhere, our engine is meant to be used for ensuring the originality of written content, and for preparing it to submission. If our engine is used for cheating purposes, all responsibility rests on the user.
  • We respect the privacy of our users, so we guarantee that none of the information you as a customer provide us is ever disclosed to third-party individuals or companies.
  • We strive to make our services helpful in the matter of improving the quality of education.Therefore, we fully appreciate and respect PlagiarismCheck.org being used for academic assistance at schools, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions.
Ethical Statement