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Turnitin Checker for Students: an Alternative Plagiarism Detector for Checking Assignments

Make sure Turnitin will not show plagiarism in your assignment. Improve your essays before submitting them to your teacher!

Turnitin Checker for Students: an Alternative Plagiarism Detector for Checking Assignments

Make sure Turnitin will not show plagiarism in your assignment. Improve your essays before submitting them to your teacher!

Turnitin Checker for Students: an Alternative Plagiarism Detector for Checking Assignments

Scan for originality, make sure you have cited all the sources, and prevent accidental plagiarism. Check your sources for AI and ensure your writing sounds natural. Proofread and polish till you are good to go!

  • Use it right away

    No requiring installation software! Scan your text online on our website, use browser extensions, or check right in a Google Doc where your assignment is written.

  • Try free Turnitin for students with no monthly fees

    You can try our alternative Turnitin for students free and then pay only for the pages you check. No monthly plans, subscriptions, or unnecessary expenses!

  • Enjoy top-notch technologies

    We provide an efficient plagiarism checker Turnitin for students, incorporating advanced algorithms and vast databases.

  • Be in tune with your teacher

    Apply our alternative Turnitin checker for students, get a clear report, and edit your writing to ensure originality before submitting it to your teacher.

  • Trust the accuracy

    Our detector recognizes even the intricate cases of plagiarism and provides a link to the source, allowing you to compare and analyze the matching parts and improve your writing.

  • Stay on the safe side

    Our solution not only shields you from plagiarism-related problems at university but also stays on guard of document safety. We do not save your content in our database and will never publish your essay elsewhere.

Try Alternative Turnitin Checker for Students Free

Even composing an essay or article from scratch, you can unintentionally plagiarize somebody's writing. Ensure originality before submitting the paper to your institution. Upload your text below to try an alternative Turnitin checker free:

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Ways to Make the Most of Free Turnitin for Students Alternative

Get an alternative to Turnitin checker for students that covers all plagiarism-related issues.

Plagiarism detector: alternative to Turnitin for students

Teachers use Turnitin to protect academic integrity. To ensure high grades and progress in learning, students need a professional instrument to identify plagiarism before they show their work to the professor. PlagiarismCheck.org, as an alternative Turnitin checker for students, provides help in detecting matches with the Internet and extended database sources, allowing you to polish your copy before submission.

Grammar and proofreading tool

Focus on expressing your unique ideas - and we will take care of spelling! Check your grammar along with detecting plagiarism to perfect your assignments in a few clicks.

Citation generator

A reliable way to stay clear of copying and build an image of a trustworthy and honest person is to credit all the sources you use to accomplish your writing. Our alternative free Turnitin plagiarism checker detects quotations and does not mark them as plagiarised. Moreover, a Citation Generating tool guarantees proper attribution to the sources. Choose the required style and concentrate on writing - a generating tool will do the mundane work for you!

AI-content detector

AI-based models are getting integrated into our everyday work and study flow. While chatbots are a powerful way to search for information, one should be aware of the risks associated with AI writing. Incorporating AI to compose the text instead of the student is inappropriate in the academic environment, and teachers have tools to distinguish between human and machine-written papers. Our alternative Turnitin free for students solution is empowered with an AI detector so you can scan your content before sending it to your teacher.

Why One Needs an Alternative Free Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

The academic world knows numerous examples of university expulsion and even doctorate revocation as a consequence of uncovered plagiarism. Why should I need something like Turnitin checker free when I am definitely not a plagiarist and indeed don't cheat, you may ask.

Unfortunately, avoiding duplicate content does not guarantee immunity to plagiarism. When your teacher sees a high percentage of matching text, proving that all the similarities are accidental is much more complicated. That is why it is always wiser to scan your paper for originality before submission.

What can cause originality concerns even when you write from scratch?

Accidental plagiarism

We tend to mimic something we have heard or seen often without realizing it - and with no intention to cheat. That is why it is essential to double-check your writing before publishing it or showing it to your professor. What can you do if the plagiarism checker shows your text is not original?

  • Credit your sources. If you realize you borrowed someone's ideas and need them in your paper, just attribute the author. PlagiarismCheck.org provides links to the original writings, so you always have an opportunity to compare and cite accurately.
  • Add your ideas. Once you realize you have mistaken something you have read for your invention, do not cross out the idea immediately. Think if you can reflect more, add your personal experience, or look for a new angle on the same issue and express it in your writing.
  • Paraphrase properly. Not all students' assignments require Nobel-prize-winning revelations, and reflecting on someone's works is normal. Just make sure your paper demonstrates thoughtful research rather than blind copying.
Accidental plagiarism

Self-plagiarism problem

It may be unobvious, but repeating your own published works without referring to the source is considered plagiarism! If you have released some research papers or submitted your creations to the professor, keep clear of repeating the same ideas in your new writing. If you need to refer to your previous theories, mention them as a source rather than a new concept you present in the current essay. Otherwise, your paper may be called self-plagiarised, as you can't use the same information to complete all your assignments. Here is a short checklist on how to avoid copying.

  • Do not repeat the same ideas from work to work, whether it is a book or a university task. If you need to refer to your previous writing, make it brief and add some fresh ideas or a different angle.
  • If it sounds familiar, probably it is! We all sometimes get lost in our thoughts and get a bit too passionate about some ideas, so we want to talk about them all the time. Take a breath and double-check whether you really need to explain this fascinating concept again.
  • Scan your text with an alternative Turnitin for students to eliminate self-plagiarism risk.
Self-plagiarism problem

AI plagiarism

When consulting with AI, one should remember that chatbots do not create original content. What they do is compile a text from all the content available. The result sounds fresh but is never unique, and your teacher can easily expose the text being machine-written using an AI detection tool. What can you do to steer clear of AI plagiarism?

  • Consider AI a progressive version of a search engine. Chat GPT, Google Bard, and other AI models are helpful when you look for facts, statistics, or relevant examples. They can also assist you with brainstorming and broadening your vocabulary. However, using AI to write your assignment instead of you is cheating.
  • When you look for statistics and facts, do not use the discovered information as a ready text extract. There is a probability it will match some sources and be considered plagiarised. Take the data you have received and write your work based on the information.
  • Check your writing for AI traces and plagiarism. Tools like Turnitin checker for students free versions, and paid subscriptions give you a chance to detect parts that need improvement and polish your work before submission, increasing your chances of getting high grades and positive feedback.
AI plagiarism

Plagiarism Checker Like Tutnitin for Students Pricing Plan

We offer a transparent pay-as-you-go model.

Alternative to Turnitin plagiarism checker free version allows you to discover all the benefits of our tool. Then, you can purchase a package most suitable for your needs and have all PlagiarismCheck.org instruments at hand whenever needed.

  • No expiration dates or obligations - you can enjoy all the PlagiarismCheck.org benefits as long as you have pages on your balance.
  • No need to worry about cancelation - as it is not a subscription, we will not write off money until you decide to purchase another package.

You can also join us as an individual user by choosing one of these packages:

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