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Free Plagiarism Checker: Free Plagiarism Detection for Your Needs

Free plagiarism checker helps to make sure of text originality, boost creativity, and improve writing skills.

Grammar checker to keep texts spotless, and AI detector to distinguish between human and machine writing.
We have solutions for organizations and individuals:
Plagiarism Checker

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Advanced algorithms, vast databases, and constant development to stay up-to-date make PlagiarismCheck.org a top-notch tool for educators, students, and content writers. You can try Plagiarism Checker for free to see how it enhances your work!
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Best free Plagiarism Checker to integrate into your workflow

We created the plagiarism detector tool to make your life easier. You can use the free plagiarism checker online on the website or as part of your set working process. Check out our Moodle, Canvas, Google Classroom, and even Google Docs integrations!

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How free plagiarism detection works

Over eight years of experience, we have developed sophisticated algorithms that we constantly improve to keep our free plagiarism detection tool progressive. The tool considers the following factors:
Exact matches
Rearrangements in word order and overall sentence structure
Substituting words with synonyms
Changing sentence voice from active to passive, and vice versa
. .
Moreover, the free plagiarism checker detects tricks like blank symbols or paraphrasing. So, the tool helps to catch even the most elaborate cases of copying.

Our partners trust PlagiarismCheck.org

Redhill School Plagiarism Check
Redhill School
St Benedict's College Plagiarism Check
St Benedict's College
The Imperial College of Australia Plagiarism Check
The Imperial College of Australia
Treverton Preparatory School and College Plagiarism Check
Treverton Preparatory School and College
Woodmont College Plagiarism Check
Woodmont College
Mountain Heights Academy Plagiarism Check
Mountain Heights Academy
North Toronto Christian School Plagiarism Check
North Toronto Christian School
Oman College of Management & Technology Plagiarism Check
Oman College of Management & Technology
Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls Plagiarism Check
Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls
Orenda Education Plagiarism Check
Orenda Education
Oxnard Union High School District Plagiarism Check
Oxnard Union High School District
Achievement First Public Charter Schools Plagiarism Check
Achievement First Public Charter Schools
Al Rayyan International University College (ARIU) Plagiarism Check
Al Rayyan International University College (ARIU)
Al Yamamah University Plagiarism Check
Al Yamamah University
Al-Zahra College for Women Plagiarism Check
Al-Zahra College for Women
Clark County School District Plagiarism Check
Clark County School District
College of Biomedical Equipment Technology Plagiarism Check
College of Biomedical Equipment Technology
Friends Central School Plagiarism Check
Friends Central School
FutureSkills Academy Plagiarism Check
FutureSkills Academy
Huntington University of Health Sciences Plagiarism Check
Huntington University of Health Sciences
London School of International Business Plagiarism Check
London School of International Business
Macarthur Anglican School Plagiarism Check
Macarthur Anglican School
Maple Leaf Educational Systems Plagiarism Check
Maple Leaf Educational Systems
Lackawanna College Plagiarism Check
Lackawanna College
Ave Maria Law School Plagiarism Check
Ave Maria Law School
St Mary's Diocesan School for Girls Plagiarism Check
St Mary's Diocesan
School for Girls
Shipley School Plagiarism Check
Shipley School
Mount Ayr Community School Plagiarism Check
Mount Ayr
Community School
University of Zambia School of Medicine Plagiarism Check
University of Zambia
School of Medicine
Filadelfia Bible College Plagiarism Check
Filadelfia Bible College
Prestige Institute of Management Plagiarism Check
Prestige Institute of
Telangana Univesity Plagiarism Check
Telangana Univesity
Amal Jyothi College of Engineering Plagiarism Check
Amal Jyothi
College of Engineering
Institute of Brunei Technical Education Plagiarism Check
Institute of Brunei
Technical Education
Birla Institute of Management Technology Plagiarism Check
Birla Institute of
Management Technology
Olympia College Ipoh Plagiarism Check
Olympia College Ipoh
Immaculate High School Plagiarism Check
Immaculate High School
Notesmaster Plagiarism Check
We are piloting it for the School of ICT, IBTE. We've chosen the modules and appropriate assignments/assessment which involve course work to apply PlagiarismCheck.org software. Our instructors and students find it very handy to use this. Our staff is using it before submitting any important document or paper.
So far, we found no difficulty in using this user-friendly software. All of us were extremely comfortable with the software as it served what it supposed to be - checking for plagiarism.
The plagiarism checker enabled us to minimize the academic dishonesty. Previously, students would just ‘copy and paste’ from anywhere, they seldom cite and provide proper references in their assignments. We are hoping, and noticeable immediately, that after using the plagiarism checker, that the students are now much more aware of these issues and hence, academic dishonesty could be avoided, if not totally.
We started using PlagiarismCheck.org. The girls have found it easy to use. I enjoy the fact that teachers can create folders and pupils can submit their work to the teachers folder. I had a pupil whose plagiarism percentage was too high. PlagiarismCheck.org enabled me to click on the highlighted plagiarized sentence and go straight to the site.
I highly recommend this software.
PlagiarismCheck.org is very time saving and easy to navigate tool due to user friendly account interface. At present we are using similarity detection for student’s thesis, as it is useful to protect illegal use of research work. The features we enjoy are: creating folders, searching for reports and authors, reviewing word count and member details.
Faculty members are confident with the quality output of their research article now. The output format is really appreciable.
Head of School (Information and Communication Technology), IBTE
Institute of Brunei Technical Education
Tuck Hong, Choo
Programme Leader
Olympia College, Ipoh
Sheryl Gordon
Head of Grade and Director of the Learning Resource Center
St Mary's DSG
D Satyanarayana
Telangana University
Professor & Head Department of CSE
Amal Jyothi College of Engineering

Plagiarismcheck.org is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 15 reviews on G2.

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4 reasons to use our Plagiarism Tool Free

Efficiency. Advanced algorithms and extended databases guarantee accurate results. Free plagiarism checker shows the similarities found in the text, but it is always for you to decide whether to consider it as plagiarism.

Flexibility. PlagiarismCheck.org provides solutions for individuals and organizations. Sophisticated algorithms meet a user-friendly interface in one tool so anyone can use it efficiently and easily. Various platform integration assures even smoother workflow.

Discover the benefits of using our anti-plagiarism checker

Honesty. Free plagiarism checker ensures the adequate assessment of students' assignments, protecting academic integrity and the institution's reputation. It empowers the intention to give all students equal opportunities and help them grow.

Simplicity. The tool provides the report based on text scanning, facilitating the teacher's work. You can follow the links to the original sources to analyze each case of alleged copying, check several papers simultaneously, and detect the most intricate plagiarism issues in one click.

Ways to use Essay Plagiarism Checker Free

Despite the fleeting impression that everything has already been invented and said, the modern world continues to amaze us with new concepts and discoveries. That is why creativity and out-of-box thinking have become even more valuable than formal knowledge. One can find any information in the blink of an eye, and what's important is how we process it.

Fostering independent critical thinking begins with originality. When it comes to uniqueness, a free plagiarism checker becomes an indispensable tool.

Free plagiarism checker for students helps improve writing skills and stay on the safe side when submitting assignments. Scanning the paper for originality before sending it to the teacher makes sure you will not fail the task, as originality is a fundamental requirement of any work.

Content writers need the best free plagiarism checker to develop their talents and test ideas for originality. With PlagiarismCheck.org, one can easily trace the original sources and give a second thought to the concepts that repeat someone else's ideas.

The plagiarism scanner helps with citation and paraphrasing. Naturally, we often base our writing on existing concepts. But it is not enough to simply reword the text - you need to draw your own conclusions. Check for plagiarism for free to analyze the quality of your interpretation. If the alleged plagiarism score is still high, consider studying more sources and adding your own ideas. At the same time, when you decide to quote your source, PlagiarismCheck.org helps with citation generation.

Plagscanner is essential even when you compose your paper from scratch, as the tool can detect unintended plagiarism. It happens when we accidentally repeat someone's or even our own writing, which is still considered plagiarism in educational and academic environments.

Why you should try free Plagiarism Checker for students, teachers, and beyond

Plagiarism Checker Free online is an easy way to adhere to academic standards. It allows educators to focus on teaching and nourishing their students' ambitions instead of being snowed up with paperwork. Students get an opportunity to proofread and plagscan their assignments, which is an essential step in independent learning encouragement.

We believe the best free plagiarism checker can boost creativity and inspire you to develop your writing style. PlagiarismCheck.org boasts the following features that empower your work process.

  1. Multitasking. Our Plagiarism Detector Free brings your productivity to a new level. Scan several documents simultaneously and get comprehensive reports you can use for assignment assessment. The algorithm won't state whether the paper has been copied but will highlight the similarities found with direct links provided. You will clearly see the parts that need your attention and not waste your efforts analyzing copied writing.
  2. Custom databases. The plagiarism checker's efficiency relies on the database of the texts for comparison. Along with a vast base of sources you can't openly find elsewhere online, PlagiarismCheck.org allows you to upload your texts to prevent students from copying each other's assignments.
  3. Accuracy. Essay Plagiarism Checker Free detects not only direct similarities between the documents. It recognizes paraphrasing, using synonyms, changing active voice into passive and vice versa, as well as blank symbols and replacing Latin letters with Cyrillic. At the same time, the tool does not mark references and quotations as plagiarism.
  4. Authorship verification. The Fingerprint check tool is designed to reveal ghostwriting. It detects style variations and can even point out the parts of the paper translated from other languages.
  5. AI-detection. The seemingly relevant text can be generated in a second, but deep understanding can't. Our innovative algorithms can trace AI-produced content and distinguish between human and machine writing. Our TraceGPT Chrome extension makes it even more convenient!
  6. Citation generating. Ensure your paper meets the academic requirements with the plagiarism scanner's citation generator and grammar checker.
  7. Platforms integration. You don't need to add another step and complicate your work or study process.PlagiarismCheck.org requires no installation - you can scan the text for originality on the website or even use the tool directly on a convenient platform. Check out our integrations with Google Classroom, Canvas, Moodle, and Google Docs add-on.
  8. Customer support. Our users emphasize the quality of customer service. We are always here to provide a demo, answer questions, and improve your experience.
  9. Plagiarism tool free trial. Practice is a vital part of any learning process, as it is always better to experience than theorize. The same rule applies to any tool, so we provide a one-page plagiarism detector free trial.

Join thousands of educators, students, journalists, and content writers to see how PlagiarismCheck.org contributes to your creative process!

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