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Google Plagiarism Checker Add-on for Docs

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Google Docs is used by students and teachers to write and format papers. To offer an easy way to check with a free plagiarism checker, we have developed a plagiarism detection add-on for Google Docs. Our Google Docs add-on for teachers and students allows them to quickly get a similarity score and a detailed plagiarism report with sources. This quick google plagiarism checker add-on is a powerful plagiarism checker for students, teachers and content writers who want to make sure that their writing is original and doesn't contain unintentional plagiarism.

How to check for plagiarism in google docs

To use the PlagiarismCheck.org add-on, you must have pages on your balance or be a member of an organization that is subscribed to our service. You can get 1 free page when you sign up, to get more pages, please follow this link.

1. To install an add-on, follow these steps:

  • Google DocAdd-ons menu“Get add-ons” button
    plagiarism checker google
  • Or in the GSuite market – click Install (in Chrome browser, make sure you log in with the same Gmail account that is your account in Chrome)

    how to check for plagiarism on google docs

2. When the installation of this google plagiarism checker is completed, go to the “Add-ons” menu in Google Docs and choose PlagiarismCheck.orgStart.

google docs plagiarism checker

3. If you see the message “Drive.google.com refused to connect“, it means that you are logged in to several Gmail accounts. This can be solved if you open an incognito window, sign in with the gmail account you used to install the PlagiarismCheck add-on. Now you should be able to launch an add-on.

how to check for plagiarism in google docs

4. Log in to your PlagiarismCheck.org or sign up for it and get 1 free page.

plagiarism checker google docs

5. Click “Proceed” to submit your paper for a check. Please note that to have a document checked, you should have enough pages on your account. To refill pages, please click here and choose the package you like https://plagiarismcheck.org/pricing/?individual=.

how to check plagiarism on google docs

6. Wait a few seconds for plagiarism checking results in Google Docs. To see a detailed report inside our plagiarism checking tool, click “View full report”, and we will open a plagiarism report on a separate page.

how to check plagiarism in google docs

Make sure your writing is original with a fast and effective Google Docs add-on. Trusted Plagiarism Checker Add-on, depending on customer 99 reviews: 4.6 / 5. Plagiarism detection is now simpler than ever.

🎯 Accuracy:100%
⭐ Reviews:4.6 / 5
📁 Files supported:.doc / .docx / .pdf / .odt / .otf / .rtf / .ppt / .pptx / .odp
✅ Solutions for:Enterprise & Students