A student? Here's why PlagiarismCheck.org is for you

Academic writing is a nightmare for many.

But even the worse nightmare is submitting your written-with-pain-and-misery essay for a review and receiving the verdict: "You've plagiarized it!"


How to protect yourself from accusations? How to prove it was you who wrote that paper from scratch and didn't copy works of others? And how to make sure your writing has no duplications?

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PlagiarismCheck.org is a hassle-free tool helping students forget about plagiarism issues.

benefits for students

No installs needed!

PlagiarismCheck.org is a browser-based service available worldwide. To access it and start scanning your writings, you need nothing but an Internet connection. Start using the tool immediately after adding the funds.


The tool recognizes title pages, citations, and references in your essays without considering them a plagiarism. It highlights duplications, providing the original sources for all flagged matches. Thanks to its advanced algorithm, PlagiarismCheck.org has a significantly smaller amount of false positives and doesn't flag widely accepted short phrases.


No wakeners here: PlagiarismCheck.org is popular among educators, so even if your teacher decides to check your paper with the tool, they'll see the same plagiarism-free report as you.

No monthly fees!

You pay for checked pages only, and everything you spend is $5.99 allowing you to level up in writing.


PlagiarismCheck.org doesn't save your writings in its database.

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    PlagiarismCheck.org needs three minutes to check a document and provide a detailed report on the plagiarized areas of your text.

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    The tool's algorithm updates daily, accessing billions of online documents to check and compare. PlagiarismCheck.org recognizes the tiniest matches in your writings, which allows to avoid duplications and protects from plagiarism offenses.

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    PlagiarismCheck.org is smart to check your academic papers within minutes and deliver the precise real-time results, which can be used to prove the uniqueness of your work.

Try PlagiarismCheck.org today to make sure your college papers are original. Start writing better, stand out from your peers, and never again worry about grades and quality of essays, theses, or dissertations you create.