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Our Moodle Plagiarism Checker Is Here to Make Your Life Easier

The Moodle plagiarism checker, which you can try for free on our site, will make issues related to copied content a thing of the past.

Our tool performs multiple functions, works on any text file, and can quickly check them for similarities.
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Plagiarism Checker

This Plagiarism Checker for Moodle Gives Guaranteed Results

Our Moodle plagiarism checker is perfect for Educational Institutions and organizations that care about text's originality and saving employees' time.
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Great Tool to Check Your Text Files

Once you start working with our tool, you will realize how incredibly efficient and effective it is. Our plugin is great for Moodle of various versions, starting at 3.9. It gives you the ability to promptly see and fix any issues with plagiarism

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How to Use Our Plagiarism Checker Moodle

Using our tool will help you verify papers' originality, make it more readable and fitting standards. Moreover, you can count on reducing grammar and punctuation errors.
Exact matches
Rearrangements in word order and overall sentence structure
Substituting words with synonyms
Changing sentence voice from active to passive, and vice versa
. .
You can be sure that working with our tool will make you much more confident about the originality of any type of text.

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College of Engineering
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Management Technology
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Olympia College Ipoh
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Immaculate High School
Notesmaster Plagiarism Check
We are piloting it for the School of ICT, IBTE. We've chosen the modules and appropriate assignments/assessment which involve course work to apply PlagiarismCheck.org software. Our instructors and students find it very handy to use this. Our staff is using it before submitting any important document or paper.
So far, we found no difficulty in using this user-friendly software. All of us were extremely comfortable with the software as it served what it supposed to be - checking for plagiarism.
The plagiarism checker enabled us to minimize the academic dishonesty. Previously, students would just ‘copy and paste’ from anywhere, they seldom cite and provide proper references in their assignments. We are hoping, and noticeable immediately, that after using the plagiarism checker, that the students are now much more aware of these issues and hence, academic dishonesty could be avoided, if not totally.
We started using PlagiarismCheck.org. The girls have found it easy to use. I enjoy the fact that teachers can create folders and pupils can submit their work to the teachers folder. I had a pupil whose plagiarism percentage was too high. PlagiarismCheck.org enabled me to click on the highlighted plagiarized sentence and go straight to the site.
I highly recommend this software.
PlagiarismCheck.org is very time saving and easy to navigate tool due to user friendly account interface. At present we are using similarity detection for student’s thesis, as it is useful to protect illegal use of research work. The features we enjoy are: creating folders, searching for reports and authors, reviewing word count and member details.
Faculty members are confident with the quality output of their research article now. The output format is really appreciable.
Head of School (Information and Communication Technology), IBTE
Institute of Brunei Technical Education
Tuck Hong, Choo
Programme Leader
Olympia College, Ipoh
Sheryl Gordon
Head of Grade and Director of the Learning Resource Center
St Mary's DSG
D Satyanarayana
Telangana University
Professor & Head Department of CSE
Amal Jyothi College of Engineering

Plagiarismcheck.org is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 15 reviews on G2.

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Benefits of Our Moodle Plagiarism Tool

'Does Moodle check for plagiarism?' ‐ Our similarity checking tool makes working with Moodle or any other platform for education effective and flawless. The Moodle plagiarism instrument we offer is highly beneficial for teachers and professors, students and schoolchildren, and professionals working with text files. For example, the tool is appreciated by bloggers and influencers, writers of various genres, literature critics, journalists, copywriters, and more.

The pricing policies we offer for the use of our tool is very reasonable. Choose a suitable package and start using the Moodle plagiarism checker for amazing results. Our tool is widely utilized by successful professionals and students alike. And for all, we strive to offer the best rates for the use of our tool.

Discover the benefits of using our anti-plagiarism checker

No need to worry about safety issues when you use our app. You can be sure that uploading your texts to our website is completely safe. The paper you share with our tool will go no farther. It is not stored and your information is not passed on to third parties. Checking your papers and scanning for plagiarism in any of your text files serves a single function — ensuring that the content hasn't been taken from other sites. When using our tool, you can forget stress and rest easy knowing that everything will be fine.

Easily generate citations and arrange your text correctly with our revolutionary plagiarism checker for Moodle. When you need some assistance with correctly fitting in citations for your text, try our instrument and get everything you need in one tool. Our Moodle plagiarism checker has many capabilities. You only need to choose the best package for your needs.

Does Moodle Have A Plagiarism Checker? – What Else You Get With Our Tool

Many students who use online learning platforms like Google Classroom, Moodle, etc., want to get all their writing solutions at once, all in one space. So, the answer to the question: “Does Moodle have a plagiarism checker?” is, “Yes, absolutely!.” With our tool, you won't have to wonder how to check plagiarism on Moodle because it's simple and easy to use. Furthermore, our instrument to check plagiarism is compatible with not only Moodle, but other learning platforms as well. Moreover, with our tool, you get other benefits. Among them are: