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We know that choosing between dozens of plagiarism detectors can be hard. It raises many concerns, most of which can be testified only by experience.

Is the tool as accurate as it promises? Is my data safe with it? Does it work well in the long run? Is it suitable for educators? Will anyone help me if I have problems or questions in the future?

Read plagiarism detector review from users like you and see what they say about our tool to be sure in your choice.

  • Hundreds of thousands of professionals with different roles and occupations use our tool regularly. See how they review plagiarism checker to find relevant experiences and make up your mind.
  • Hundreds of educational institutions implement PlagiarismCheck.org to protect academic integrity. Study the Check Plagiarism review to learn how the tool saves teachers’ time and provides efficient answers.

Read the customer's feedback – and talk to us if you have any more questions!

The fact that the similarity percentages are listed automatically is perfect. Instructors do not have to download a student paper and then upload it to be checked. The seamless integration with the LMS is, to me, the best feature.

Going forward I have a better understanding of how to handle the administrative side of the product (adding new users, deleting users no longer with us, etc.).

The customerr representative has been great! She answers emails quickly and thoroughly. She has been very helpful with our PlagarismCheck integration.Sarah JohnsonLess than a year ago
PlagiarismCheck allowed seamless integration with our current Moodle platform. It was able to be applied to the system within minutes of final purchase, and their availability and willingness to provide training was an added bonus to us. Plagiarism Check helps me meet my goal of figuring out how much of an essay is plagiarised. I like the ability to see the score provided on the document. It lets the student, and I know the similarity score for the document. This gives the students the knowledge and allows them not to submit plagiarized content. The AI score and the links to the documents associated with the plagiarized content has been really helpful with grading. Dr. Philomena CatoAssociate Dean of the School for Continuing Education - Marryshow Community CollegeLess than a year ago
We love that it integrates with Canvas and that reports and other features are easy to use. You do an excellent job responding to questions or issues in a timely manner. Keep up the good work! Michael PatelLess than a year ago
It's very convenient and easy to use. You do an excellent job to respond to any questions/issues in a timely manner. Keep up the good work! Emily NguyenLess than a year ago
Currently, it suits my purpose perfectly. Everything's good. I especially like that you've incorporated an AI check. Whenever I get a challenge, an email to you usually resolves the issue very quickly. Thank you for a great tool at an affordable price! Christopher GarciaLess than a year ago
Excellent service, speedy responses to queries, and very easy to use. The customer representative is a Champ! We have been in touch and received excellent service. thank you. Jennifer MartinezLess than a year ago
It is easy to find the links to the materials and immediately see who has an issue and who does not. I really like this program! Samantha RodriguezLess than a year ago
We used trial versions of several plagiarism softwares and decided to choose PlagiarismCheck because we got the feedback of the supporting team very fast, this software is easy to use, releases the result fast and at a reasonable cost. PlagiarismCheck allows us to upload a load of files (in docs and pdf format) at the same time and release the result very fast. Anna Phan Registrar My Global World Education GroupLess than a year ago
I appreciate the fact that you have included the AI detection tool that helps us detect and show students how to use and not use AI tools in their writings. I think the tool itself gives detailed information about a text without showing too much. It is easy to find exactly what you are looking for, and the incorporation into Chrome makes it easy for teachers to apply the tool.Matthew KimLess than a year ago
Everything has been great. AI detection feature has been really helpful! The analysis is quick and efficient. It's great to know the origin of the assignment before checking!Lauren ChenLess than a year ago
I like the Google Classroom interface. I also like the amount of information it provides, the percentage, the quick report that can be exported in PDF.Brian LewisLess than a year ago
Canvas integration works great. Instant reports and feedback for staff and students help speed up the assessment process!Ashley WrightLess than a year ago
After testing multiple tools, we opted for PlagiarismCheck because it seamlessly integrates with our learning management system, the support team responds super quickly, and it offers the functionality we need without any unnecessary features, all at a reasonable cost. Additionally, we were particularly impressed by some other features such as the browser extension and Fingerprint Authorship Verification, which we found to be extremely valuable.)Maple Leaf Educational SystemsApril 16th. 2024
Great for college student to check college papers. Highly recommended! Muhammad JannehLess than a year ago
I have used this many times for my academic purposes. And each time it helped me a lot. That is why I would recommend this tool also. Sadia AkterLess than a year ago
This is a super helpful resource for me as a student to make sure that the text prompts and research that I use Chat-GPT for aren't violating any plagiarism rules from my university. The browser extension is especially useful when writing and collaborating on academic papers. Can highly recommend! Cheryl WhiteMarch 28th. 2024
I use it while writing my essays to check them before handing to teacher. It helps a lot. I see the highlighted parts and edit them. Moreover, citations and references are not treated as plagiarism, so the overall percentage is not distorted. Recommend it. Nicholas ClarkLess than a year ago
For me personally the best plagiarism check out there. It‘s super easy to upload whole documents, the website tells me what I did wrong and links everything to the original source. It makes writing assignments and my masters thesis much easier and I recommend it to everyone. Sarah HughesLess than a year ago
Nice report available to download in pdf.

A quick report saves time for judging the content, if anything is wrong our team can see everything clearly in any communication channel and it works as a valid argument when it comes to the content approval. Jennyfer SparksAugust 30th, 2023
Excellent tool.

Excellent tool - helped us save lot of time and more importantly uncover plagiarism issues. Way better than free tools and worth the cost.Pankaj ChaubeyLess than a year ago
Quick check and nice-looking report.

We use plagiarismCheck in our team, and it reduces the content checking time significantly. The good thing is the report that you can download right away and send it for a final content evaluation. We were considering different checkers, and for the test, we purchased the Basic package, but I think we are going to stick with it.Hailey BernardAugust 8th, 2023