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I hate how plagiarism checkers almost never show where exactly the detected plagiarism is. In this regard, PlagiarismCheck.org is the best checker I've found so far--I mean, it shows you not just the overall percentage of plagiarism, but also highlights it right in the text. Nice! TomMarch 3, 2017
You know what is the most annoying thing when working with plagiarism checkers? Right, the confusion in what is a properly cited source, and what a program considers to be plagiarism. Fortunately, there is no such problem when using plagiarismcheck.org. JasonFeb 18, 2017
I love this website! It is so helpful! I use it to check my academic papers for plagiarism every time I need to submit a paper, and it helps me feel more confident about my writing. Christina21.01.2015
Hello! I have used your website for awhile and it has saved me so many times. Our teachers are very strict with students who are suspected of plagiarizing sources, so we are always super­careful when writing our papers. Jacqueline29.11.2014
Hello! I would like to say thank you to all of your team. You did a great job making this website, it rocks! I have already recommended you to all of my friends. Keep up the good work. Ayesh02.02.2012


I was checking an obviously plagiarised essay a couple of days ago, but I could not prove it. My colleague advised me to use plagiarismcheck.org: it shows the plagiarised fragments of text, and displays the sources from which these fragments have been retrieved. Nice! NevillApril 13, 2017
One of the biggest problems in the academic environment is that unscrupulous students often plagiarise, knowing that no plagiarism checker can detect masked plagiarism. Well, except plagiarismcheck.org: it can see through the tricks such students use. As a teacher, I am happy! AmandaMarch 30, 2017
Thank you a lot for this plagiarism checker. I am a teacher of English living in the Philippines, and your software helps me check the papers my students write. Dexter26.05.2016
Hi, First of all, I would like to thank you all for this wonderful website. It literally saves me, especially when I need to check my students' essays. I cannot imagine how I would check all the sources myself! I have shared PlagiarismCheck.org on my Facebook page, so that all my colleagues know what service to use. Regards, Sher Abbas. Sher15.02.2016
As a high school English teacher, I love this site. It helps me immensely when grading student papers. The checking process is surprisingly fast, and even when I need to check lengthy papers, the program does it quickly. A very nice service indeed. Jenna18.02.2015


I had been using another service for several months, but I have switched to PlagiarismCheck.org recently, and I must say I am not disappointed. I am a freelance copywriter, and I always check my work for plagiarism. It helps me to avoid a number of problems with customers; the previous plagchecker I used required me to pay a subscription fee (about $30 or so a month), but plagiarismcheck.org is completely free, and is much more comfortable to use. Is there a way I could donate money to help keep the site going? If so, I would like to. John19.01.2015
Your plagiarism checker is really convenient! I enjoyed working with it. It provides detailed reports, including the list of possibly plagiarized sources, and the percentage of plagiarism detected. I use your plagchecker to improve my writing and research skills. Anchali14.11.2014
I have been using this plagiarism checker for the past three months, and am very satisfied with how it works. I never encountered any problems with its work, and it is always a pleasure to use this plagchecker. Awais20.05.2014
I like your service a lot, it's just great! Thumbs up, and keep on doing what you do. Anthony14.03.2012

SEO specialists

As a SEO specialist, for me it is important that the texts I publish are unique. Unfortunately, not all writers I work with submit non-plagiarised texts. But since I started using PlagiarismCheck.org it became much easier to evaluate the uniqueness of texts I post. ZoeMay 20, 2017
Thank you for upgrading plagiarismcheck.org's checking algorithms. Now the plagchecker has become even more efficient, easy to use, and fast. Keep up the good work! Calvin19.03.2016
Excellent performance for a free web service. Thanks a lot. Can I donate somehow? Anupam14.11.2014