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  • We browse through all accessible internet pages in search for original sources
  • Apart from detecting exact matches, we also detect paraphrased text

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  • View your text with highlighted plagiarized parts along with sources of plagiarism
  • Quotes and references do not count as plagiarism and are highlighted in a different color

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Our algorithms work best with texts in English, so they will be checked with the most accuracy. You can also check texts in any other languages.

How our plagiarism checker works

We’ve developed advanced algorithms that help find the slightest similarities in texts. Our plagiarism checker analyzes every piece of writing for the following distinctive signs:
Exact matches
Rearrangements in word order and overall sentence structure
Substituting words with synonyms
Changing sentence voice from active to passive, and vice versa
. .
With PlagiarismCheck.org, even the trickiest manipulations with a source text will not help conceal plagiarism.


Our algorithm can recognize popular tricks students use to fool regular plagiarism checkers:


Latin letters substituted
with similar cyrillic

Quotes and References Recognition

The program is able to recognize quotes and references formatted in APA and MLA styles, so they will not be included in the plagiarism report.

"the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here."

The Gettysburg Gospel: The Lincoln Speech That Nobody Knows. Simon & Schuster, 2006.