How to add users to your account

Please note that only a user with an Owner role has the right to add, modify, and delete users.
There are three ways to add users to your account:

  1. Manually, one-by-one
    To add new users manually, select Organizations in the menu and choose the Members tab:

    Fill in the details about a new user:

    • Name: user’s first and last name.
    • Email: user’s email to access his or her PlagiarismCheck account.
    • Limit: the number of pages available to the user. If no limitation should apply, leave it blank.
    • Role: student or teacher.

    After filling in these fields, press Add to create a new user. Once a user is created, he or she will get an email with the login details.

  2. Generating a registration link
    You can generate a registration link so that users can create their accounts on their own. To do this, go to Organizations and select the Members tab. Once there, click on the GENERATE LINK button:

    Here, two links can be generated: one for Teachers and the other one for Students. Depending on which option you choose, accounts with different levels of access will be created.

    Copy the necessary link and share it with your Teachers or Students.
    When a user follows the link, he or she will be asked to create his or her personal account:
  3. Our support staff can upload multiple users at once from a file you email us. The file should meet the following requirements:

    • File format: *.xls or *.csv
    • The file should contain such columns: name, last name, email, role, the limit for checks (if any)
    • For Canvas users: name, last name, email, role, the limit for checks (if any), Canvas login
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