Plagiarism check Google Classroom integration
Just like any other sphere of our lives, education is impossible to imagine without numbers. Being a teacher means not only creating and checking assignments, but also understanding how well students perform while working on each task. The analysis of overall performance can give insights on how to improve a task, as well as which students require extra attention. That is why analytics tools are as important for the academic process as teaching. For this very reason, we have added a possibility to track statistics on plagiarism for Google Classroom users to Thanks to this integration, teachers can get a comprehensive view of plagiarism cases detected in papers, filter all assignments by their name and course, as well as get the following information:

Google Classroom integration for plagiarism checking

How many papers were submitted/checked per each assignment

Check for plagiarism Google Classroom integration

What the minimum/average/maximum plagiarism score is

Google Classroom plagiarism check

How many submissions were plagiarism-free and how many had any similarity detected

You can see what it looks like on the screenshot below (the statistics can be found in the Organizations→Statistics tab): Google Classroom plagiarism detector

Check for plagiarism in Google Classroom

This information is extremely helpful for better understanding which assignments and courses are in a higher risk zone of being plagiarized. Thus, it allows you to adjust the course outline and avoid the possibility of cheating. For example, if an assignment has a higher average plagiarism score compared to other assignments, this might mean:

  • Answers for an assignment are very common and easy to find online
  • Answers for an assignment are based on a template that is available online

There may be other reasons though, and the final decision on how to interpret statistics on plagiarism is in educators’ hands. To discover effective ways of preventing plagiarism, you can check out our teacher’s guide.