Google Docs is used by students, teachers, and content writers to write and format papers. Considering all the possibilities and features, it is no wonder writers choose Google Docs. As we want to make PlagiarismCheck available where our users need it the most, we have developed a plagiarism detection add-on for Google Docs.
Start by installing an add-on
in Google Docs —> Extensions —> Get add-ons
Google Docs plagiarism check
Once it is installed, go to Add-ons menu in Google Docs choose – Start
Plagiarism checker for Google Docs
If you see the “Google drive refused to connect” message, it may mean that you are logged in to several Gmail accounts. To resolve this, open an incognito window, sign in with the gmail account you used to install PlagiarismCheck add-on. Now you should be able to launch an add-on.
Google Docs plagiarism checking guide
Log in to your PlagiarismCheck account and submit your paper for check
Plagiarism check for Google Docs guide
Get plagiarism check results directly in Google Docs

How to use Google Docs plagiarism checker

Make sure your writing is original with fast and effective Google Docs add on. Plagiarism detection is now made simple.To schedule a demo and get a trial account, please contact us at