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TraceGPT AI Plagiarism Checker & Chat GPT Content Detector

Find AI generated content in no time with an accurate AI plagiarism checker.

TraceGPT AI Plagiarism Checker & Chat GPT Content Detector

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AI content problem

AI content generators are getting closer to a human capability to write meaningful text. Although being helpful in many ways, AI writing tools can be harmful, causing integrity and performance issues in such areas as Education, SEO, Recruitment, and many more. New technologies like ChatGPT created a new meaning of plagiarism — AI plagiarism, which is not plagiarism in a human sense, but in the machine one.

While AI technology is progressing quickly, our solution stays one step ahead to provide a reliable way to define AI writing.

AI content problem

How TraceGPT AI Plagiarism Detector works

🦾 Advanced AI technology:detects AI content
🤲 Totally transparent:delete your texts after checking
☔ Secure:saves texts from being leaked or reused
✅ Accurate results:recognizes human writing

Our solution uses the most advanced AI approaches against text generators to catch AI-related breadcrumbs. This technology analyzes various parameters to detect AI content across different AI bots and provide accurate results, avoiding False Positive, when a human text is recognized as AI text.

Besides, our AI text detector constantly improves to empower you with the latest approaches in catching cases of AI-generated text usage.

How AI Plagiarism Detector works

Use cases


Support Academic Integrity by detecting AI Plagiarism.

Students may embrace a new technology faster to cut the corners in writing papers, use AI-generated sources, or even mention sources that do not exist in AI-generated bibliography.

TraceGPT AI writing detector helps Teachers and Students to make sure they read human-written texts and protects checked papers from being leaked.

Use cases

AI content may sound original, but it puts your website and its ranking at risk. Google forbids using “auto-generated” content and warns that such pages will be removed from search.

TraceGPT AI content detector keeps your SEO strategy safe.


Selecting the best candidates is a time-consuming process involving hundreds of applicants. AI generators are powerful enough to write CVs and Cover Letters in seconds. They may sound right but were not written by a person who submitted them.

Using TraceGPT AI content checker, you can always filter human-written applications.

Free 1-year access for teachers and educational institutions

TraceGPT AI plagiarism checker: Be in the trend

The emergence of the AI plagiarism checker is not surprising. Nowadays, AI is developing faster than ever. However, some may unscrupulously utilize it in a variety of spheres. AI technologies require a significant amount of resources and knowledge to perform tasks that are usually associated with human efforts. At the same time, many companies and people are beginning to adapt the already existing AI-based innovations to complete routine or even more complex tasks.

It leads to the emergence of unfair AI tech use, necessitating the development of tools such as AI checker GPT or OpenAI plagiarism checker. Such an AI-generated plagiarism scanner can be used for fostering integrity and honesty. If you want to learn more about how to address such issues yourself, read this short article.

TraceGPT AI plagiarism detection: Issues and tasks

Today, the need to check AI plagiarism is becoming more crucial because of the immense potential of AI in technology. Throughout history, many students have been engaging in different types of plagiarism or cheating, but today, AI academic integrity issues emerge because of entirely different reasons. Unlike typical plagiarism, the plagiarism performed by AI uses distinct words from multiple sources instead of longer phrases or word constructions. It makes AI plagiarism impossible to find and distinguish from the uniquely created text. As a result, it demonstrates a new challenge in the sphere of AI and plagiarism checker. One particular word can be taken from many texts, so it is almost impossible to use traditional methods to check for AI plagiarism.

It is evident that because AI uses entirely different technologies and approaches to text exploitation, it is crucial to develop other anti-plag software. If you're not familiar with such tools, don't worry: it's a newly developing field, and many people need guidance in finding the right option. “So I can't use my anti-plag tools to check if AI wrote this?” you'll ask. Unfortunately, you can't do it: it will simply be ineffective because you deal with entirely different technology to which your tools weren't adapted. If you want to know whether an AI article checker is even necessary, read the material below.

👥 Active users:200 000 + users
✅ AI checks accuracy:97 percent
🏆 Years on the market:8 years
💲 Price:Free

TraceGPT AI content checker: Why it is important

After we've developed an understanding of why such issues are even pressing, we can focus on the other issue: why people create tools to detect AI writing. Not everyone views this technology favorably. Quite often, the content generated by AI can be similar to the human-created one. Nonetheless, it can have different negative consequences for people working in lots of spheres.


The SEO sphere can suffer from it: Google has policies that don't allow the use of AI-made content, that's why you'd want to use AI plagiarism detection.


In learning, using such texts is also illegal: it's viewed as academic cheating.


Even more, some people want to receive only human-created content and know that their interactions are genuine. That's why recruiters want to be sure that they interact with a person when reading a cover letter or an email. In such situations, the need to check for AI writing is becoming more pressing.

It's impossible to solve such a problem alone: without specific tools, it would be impossible to perform AI plagarism check. Therefore, many companies invest in testing and buying a particular AI writing plagiarism checker of their choice. Don't know where to start? Fortunately, we have a few suggestions for those only beginning to navigate their place in this rapidly changing environment.

OpenAI chat GPT plagiarism checker: A new tool

OpenAI chat GPT plagiarism checker is a new tool developed quite recently. OpenAI was created in 2015 by Sam Altman, a former president of Y Combinator, who is currently a CEO of OpenAI. Altman has been working for years on the creation of Artificial general intelligence. Altman's work has been productive, but it led him to reflecting on many different mistakes and challenges. He faced a need to improve large language models (or LLM) using reinforcement learning. It emerged as a result of a long time of trial and error. Finally, it led Altman to an idea of chat GPT AI checker, which was officially released in November 2022. If you want to learn more, you can check our official website.

Altman's goal is to promote the benefit of the entire humanity and ensure that AI does only good to it and does not cause any damage. Thus, he aims at AI integrity to show his company's dedication to high standards. Altman's work has been quite successful in the recent months, gaining public attention. What makes this plagcheck program great is that it's more effective in AI writing plagiarism assessment than others. OpenAI is sufficient in what it does, and the current reviews demonstrate its immense potential. If you're looking for a great program to find AI plagiarism, chat GPT AI content detector is right up your alley.

AI academic integrity: Why it matters

If you're still unsure if you need something like AI chatGPT checker, we can step aside and first focus on the notion of academic integrity and why it is important.

Formal standards

Most universities will soon check students' texts to answer the question “Was this written by AI checker?” If you count on being a part of a formal academic institution, you should adhere to its demands.

Personal integrity

People who want to trust in their own ability to be professional should be honest and not engage in plagiarism. Cheating can lead to the loss of self-confidence or worsen people's desire to work hard. For such reasons, using chatGPT AI detector or any other tool is necessary.


Learners who don't care about honesty are rarely interested in what they do for a long time. Currently, AI and plagiarism can intersect, and applying only the former without illegally using someone else's work will serve your own interests as a researcher, writer, or professional.


All learners have equal access to knowledge and rights. ChatGPT AI detection helps all learners remain in line and not abuse technologies to receive unfair results. It ensures that the academic society is preserved and all people have a chance to become better in education.



  • What is the best TraceGPT AI plagiarism checker?

    It is still too early to choose the best plagiarism checker for AI-generated text because such solutions are only emerging. The best solution is the one that provides a high accuracy rate and protects the texts without publishing them in the public domain.

  • Is using AI plagiarism?

    Plagiarism is the use of someone else's work as your own. AI plagiarism cannot be considered plagiarism in the traditional sense, but from the perspective of machine, it can be classified as such.

  • Can AI text be detected?

    AI-generated text has its own traits that allow powerful AI content detectors to recognize them. While AI generators like ChatGPT continue to evolve, AI content checkers progress as well, reducing the chances someone can get away with using AI text as human-written.

  • Can I ask AI if it wrote this content?

    Yes, and we can help you with this. If you want to learn how an AI revealer works and whether your text will be seen as an AI-generated creation, you may check our plagiarism checker site.

  • Will AI replace professors?

    AI can have an immense potential in helping and optimizing processes in multiple fields. Even now, professors can use it to educate, provide feedback, and grade performance. AI will affect professors' performance, allowing them to focus on improving students' knowledge.