As the 2019-2020 academic year progresses, is keeping up with its pace. After the release of the Google Docs add-on, we have immediately started to work on an extension for Google Chrome.

What is it and how does it work?

Chrome extension is a browser add-on that is used to get extra efficiency in work. Extension connects to your account and provides all the information needed to check Google Classroom submissions, there is no need to open new tabs anymore!

    • Open an extension and login to your account

Plagiarism check Google Chrome extension

    • select submissions you wish to check for similarity
      • Students can access only personal submissions

      • Teachers can access all student submissions within their classes

Plagiarism check Google Chrome extension guide

    • submit files for check and get instant results

Plagiarism check for Google Chrome

    • review results and statistics

For every submission there is a specific similarity score. If there are multiple submissions from a student, the report is generated for every single file. Summary of the checks provides an average similarity score for all submitted files for this assignment. Due to the fact that starts checking files as soon as you submit them, there is no need to wait until the reports are ready, you will get results instantly.