PlagiarismCheck integration with Canvas

PlagiarismCheck uses native Plagiarism Platform to complete an integration with Canvas LMS. It means that Canvas users have an easy way to check submissions for similarity.


How to use an integration:

  1. Canvas admin sets up a PlagiarismCheck app, for that contact us to get a personal token.
  2. Create an assignment in one of your courses and choose under Plagiarism Review. Both File Uploads and Text Entry submission types are supported.
  3. When a student submits a file for the assignment that is set up to check files for similarity, they need to agree with our Terms and Conditions and confirm that this submission is an original work
  4. The results of the check are available in Grades
  5. Detailed report is available in the SpeedGrader
  6. To access the report click on the similarity score

Common questions

  1. What are the technical characteristics of an algorithm?
    • It accepts the following document formats: doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf, odt
    • It accepts multiple submissions. Select several files to check at the same time
    • Minimum requirement to start the check is 80 characters (~10 words)
    • Maximum throughput is 1,048,576 characters (~500 pages) per document
    • It best works with English language, algorithm runs a deep check and analysis of a paper. Nonetheless, other languages are also supported.
    • It accepts drafts: one user can resubmit the same file without getting false positive results
    • It supports an institution private repository. If you want to compare new submissions against previous student submissions, we can create an archive of documents for your school.
  2.  How to interpret information in the similarity report?

    To see the guide on how to interpret information in the report, click here.

  3.  What are teachers’ and students’ general guidelines on plagiarism?

    To get information about plagiarism and how to prevent it, click here.

    Information about paraphrasing and plagiarism is here.