Plagiarism check repository of works
    • What:
    • A repository is a private archive of works that are checked under a specific account. This file storage tool is designed to collect all submissions for a particular school/college/university. The archive is private and only a particular school has access to it. The repository is created only after a request from a school’s administration.


  • When:
  • Once the account is set up and the paperwork is done, we start collecting submissions for the school private archive. All new checks will be put in the archive after that.
    • Why:
    • Plagiarism is not only about taking information from the Internet without properly citing sources. It is also about submitting works of other students as your own. Since those papers are not available online, only a search in a school’s private repository will be able to spot those similarities.


  • How:
  • The system is tailored to tag papers that are checked with the ID of an author. If the algorithm detects a match in a paper of a student whose ID is different from the ID in the paper it matches, a similarity will be shown. A Teacher/Instructor will be able to access the original file for further analysis, while Students have only an option to view their own report.
Repository of works for plagiarism checking

Plagiarism checking repository of works PlagiarismCheck provides an option to create a personal archive of submissions for your school. It is easy, safe, and reliable. Contact us at if you wish to set up a repository.