In “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”, one of the most watched TED talks of all time, creativity expert and educator Sir Ken Robinson stressed the importance of fostering out-of-the-box thinking back in 2006. This urgency is even more apparent now, in the age of AI intelligence.

When all answers seem to be one-button-click away, the challenge becomes not memorizing or finding the piece of knowledge but navigating, processing, and comprehending the information we get.

Importance of plagiarism check

Since promoting independent thinking is one of the prime tasks of education, it is crucial to have instruments to evaluate the obtained skill and encourage students to express themselves. And when it comes to originality, the importance of plagiarism check can`t be overestimated.

Educators need to ensure they dedicate efforts to the actual student’s work, not the copied one. Moreover, exposed plagiarism may cause critical reputation problems and discredit academic integrity.

A plagiarism check is beneficial for students. Knowing their works will be analyzed motivates them to reflect on their ideas and perceptions rather than copy somebody`s thoughts.

Plagiarism check tools help to be on the safe side. It does not matter if you work on a university essay, academic research, blog post, or book — you are still exposed to unintended plagiarism, accidentally repeating someone`s thoughts.

The benefits of plagiarism checkers are:

  • accuracy – be sure the paper is original;
  • easiness – one click and a few moments to check the text uniqueness;
  • flexibility – the tool applies to institutions and individuals.

How to choose reliable plagiarism check website

Consider the following factors to pick a reliable plagiarism check website that empowers your work and provides confidentiality.

1 Depth of internet search and vast databases. The more sources are analyzed, the more accurate result is ensured.

2 Efficiency. Regarding student assignments, some may use tricks like adding hidden symbols or substituting characters. The tool algorithms should be smarter than these inventions.

3 Customer  Support. The quality of Support is paramount when you implement the tool for the institution.

4 User-friendliness and other platforms integration. A good plagiarism detector should empower and ease your workflow.

5 Correspondence to your tasks and budget. Look at the product’s features and payment plans for organizations or individuals.

Read the user reviews and check the trial version to pick the best option for your needs!