In the case below, we discover how plagiarism detection can be implemented in the global educational group workflow, standardizing originality checks in schools around the world. My Global World Education group shares how plagiarism-detecting software has changed the way students work on their assignments and impacted teachers’ productivity.

My Global World Education Group, Switzerland, Denmark, Thailand, USA

My Global World Education (MGW) is an international educational group that provides higher education from undergraduate to doctoral level in business and hospitality. They run three schools in Switzerland, one in Denmark, one in the USA, and two in Thailand. MGW’s mission is to provide “students from around the globe with the opportunity to afford international education, which would help them pursue successful careers internationally and, most importantly, in their own countries.”


MGW group representatives were looking for a similarity detector that would help students catch plagiarism in their assignments. Understanding the possibility of accidental plagiarism, educators wanted to empower the learners with a tool that enables them to spot problematic extracts and work on their texts before submitting them to the teacher, improving their skills and getting a better understanding of writing ethics.


After running trial versions of different plagiarism detectors, the MGW group chose Their decision was grounded on the tool’s accuracy and ease of use, fast check results, responsive customer support, and reasonable cost.

The educational group’s schools use to check their students’ assignments, theses, and dissertation projects before grading them. They also encourage students to check for plagiarism before submitting the assignment.We use a plagiarism detection software to help students to realize whether they were plagiarizing the other’s assignments/works by accident or intentionally. After that, they know they have to remake their assignments/reports to reduce the plagiarism rate to minimum,” shares Anna Phan from the Registrar Team.

The MGW team highlights efficiency and productivity boost as one of’s key impacts on teachers’ work.

“Plagiarismcheck allows us to upload a load of files (in docs and pdf format) at the same time and release the result very fast,” says Phan.

This way, with the help of plagiarism detection tool, the school group guards academic integrity in their institutions, promotes writing ethics and educates their students on the importance of originality.