In this case, we consider how plagiarism-checking software can be integrated into an international bilingual school system with over 7,000 Chinese and foreign staff. Maple Leaf Educational Systems’ goal is to ensure the consistency of the educational process, set the highest standards, and foster critical thinking, and plagiarism detection has become a part of their academic integrity-focused strategy.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems, China, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore

Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) is China’s leading independent, international school system. It is China’s Largest Private K-12 and Largest international school system, and British Columbia’s first and Canada’s largest offshore school system. MLES offers a high-quality international education for students from preschool to high school. The Maple Leaf Model provides a Western academic orientation and preparation for admission to Western universities, blended with the richness of Chinese educational traditions and culture.

MLES includes 26 Preschools, 25 Elementary Schools, 24 Middle Schools (Chinese with English), 3 foreign national schools, and 19 high schools (English with Chinese). Dr. Sherman Jen founded the system in 1995. Approximately 95% of graduates go to international educational institutions, and over 50% of them go to the world’s top 100 universities.


Looking for a plagiarism-checking tool to be integrated into the school system, MLES representatives were considering the following goals.

  • Ensuring Academic Integrity. Maintaining the integrity of academic work by discouraging and detecting plagiarism, thereby upholding the standards of academic honesty and originality. 
  • Promoting Learning. By discouraging plagiarism, the software encourages students to build their language skills and engage in authentic learning experiences. It fosters critical thinking, research skills, and information synthesis and further expands their knowledge and understanding of cultural differences in the academic world.  
  • Providing Feedback. Plagiarism detection software allows teachers to use AI to offer feedback to students on their writing, highlighting instances of improper citation or potential plagiarism. Thus, students can improve their writing and citation skills and reduce out-of-class marking and feedback time for teachers. 
  • Intellectual Property. The software helps protect intellectual property rights by identifying unauthorized use of copyrighted material and assures the students and the curriculum are not infringing on any rights.  
  • Authentic Evaluation. By identifying and addressing plagiarism, the software helps ensure fair evaluation of students’ work based on their own efforts and understanding. 

“Our main goal was to provide a user-friendly tool that educates students about plagiarism and how to avoid it, ensuring their papers are original and correctly cited. On the other hand, we wanted to assist teachers in streamlining their grading processes, enabling them to efficiently identify intentional plagiarism instances and the misuse of AI-generated tools by students,” shares the MLES representative.

Solution has become the MLES choice due to the reasonable price and easy LMS integration.

“After testing multiple tools, we opted for PlagiarismCheck because it seamlessly integrates with our learning management system, the support team responds super quickly, and it offers the functionality we need without any unnecessary features, all at a reasonable cost. Additionally, we were particularly impressed by some other features, such as the browser extension and Fingerprint Authorship Verification, which we found to be extremely valuable.”

According to the MLES representatives, tools have met the system’s goals they set for the detector.

  • It ensures academic integrity and protects intellectual property rights by providing immediate and effective plagiarism feedback.  
  • It promotes learning and fosters students’ growth and development in multiple ways.   
  • The immediate feedback reduces teacher marking time and teaching/reviewing time, allowing for more efficient teaching and decision-making.  
  • It ensures teachers are giving an authentic evaluation of students’ work based on their own efforts and understanding by providing immediate and effective plagiarism feedback. 

“PlagiarismCheck has been a huge help for our teachers. It makes sure students hand in original work, helps us grade faster, and gives us useful insights into their assignments. It’s easy to see if a student wrote their own work or if they copied from others or used AI, which reduces cheating. Because of this, students are learning to cite better and think more critically. We’re really happy with PlagiarismCheck, it’s become a must-have for our classes,” says a MLES representative.

MLES teachers name the detailed plagiarism repost, AI detection, and Authorship verification among the most helpful features.

“PlagiarismCheck is very user-friendly and integrates smoothly with our learning management system, which is a big plus for us. It generates results quickly, and we appreciate the detailed information provided in the reports, which makes it easy to find material links and identify any issues instantly. We especially value its AI and authorship checks. Additionally, we love its excellent service and quick responses to our queries.”

Seeing the evident results of implementing the toolbox over the years, MLES continues to choose the product for their schools. “The continuous improvement of the product, as well as the excellent support provided, are what have driven our renewals every year.”