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Why PlagiarismCheck.org for teachers

Some students cheat by copying academic writings of others. As a teacher, you scan their works for authenticity to prevent plagiarism in education. And, to put it bluntly, you spend hours on that.

PlagiarismCheck.org facilitates educator's workflow by checking hundreds of documents for matches. The tool scans all types of academic papers and disclosures plagiarism in student's essays, theses, or dissertations.

Save your time for the most accurate results. Help your students write better, and do your bit in preventing plagiarism in schools and colleges.

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benefits for educators

It's reliable.

Unlike its most competitors, PlagiarismCheck.org goes beyond the most flagrant type of plagiarism detection – exact matches. It identifies word/phrase rearrangements, synonymization, and other attempts to cloak a plagiarized passage. Read more here.

It's affordable.

Transparent pricing and guarantees make PlagiarismCheck.org affordable and safe. With each package, you pay for a given number of pages, so it's easy to manage your funds. Spending just $5.99 allows you to level up in academic writing and get reports online wherever you are.

It's accurate.

The tool recognizes title pages, citations, and references in writings without considering them a plagiarism. Also, PlagiarismCheck.org has a significantly smaller amount of false positives because it does not flag widely accepted short phrases.

Need More?

PlagiarismCheck.org is easy to access and manage but hard to tweak. Using it, teachers get a handy assistant to reduce workload, recognize copied writings, and get plagiarism reports on duplicated content in student's works.

It's easy to use.
  • It's easy to use.

    PlagiarismCheck.org highlights plagiarized passages and provides links to matching resources on the Internet. Simply copy&paste a text and press “Check now” button to get a report.

  • Its algorithm is sophisticated.

    The tool needs a few minutes to check a paper for similarities across millions of pages online, saving hours of your work. Its advanced plagiarism detection engine allows to quickly find any paper and flag even the teeny-tiny duplications. Plus, PlagiarismCheck.org search index is updated daily.

  • It doesn't require any installations.

    PlagiarismCheck.org is available worldwide for everyone with an Internet connection. No downloads, installations, or training are needed to use it.

Forget about spending hours looking for plagiarized areas in student's papers. Start polishing their writing skills and prevent plagiarism offenses with PlagiarismCheck.org!