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In this article you will find how to configure Google Classroom plagiarism checker  Make sure you added users to your PlagiarismCheck account. Users can be added by an Administrator (Owner) at or our team can add users for you. Google Classroom plagiarism checker Google Classroom plagiarism checker


In the PlagiarismС account, to see a Google Classroom originality report, teachers can select files they wish to check for similarities. The teacher can see submissions of all students in his or her classes.

  1. Log in to your personal “Teacher account” with
  2. Connect the Google Classrrom integration. Go to your Profile section and open the Integrations tab. Find Google Classroom integration, click ‘Connect’ and follow the further steps. Plagiarism checker for Google Classroom
  3. Click “New Check” and select “Google Classroom integration”. Google Classroom plagiarism checker guide
  4. Choose the class, assignments, and student submissions you want to review. How to use plagiarism checker in Google Classroom
  5. will generate an interactive report for every checked file. You can download this report as a PDF file if needed.


A student can check only personal files and doesn’t have access to the submissions of other users.

  1. Log in to user account and make sure you connect the Google Classroom integration (see the steps above). Plagiarism detection for Google Classroom
  2. Click “New Check” and select “Google Classroom integration”.Plagiarism detector for Google Classroom
  3. Choose which files from your personal submissions you wish to check.Google Classroom Plagiarism detector
  4. will generate an interactive report for every checked file. You can download this report as a PDF file if needed.

For more convenience, we added a widget that displays everything your need for checking submissions for plagiarism. To turn on the widget, click on Chrome Extension, click on your Login in the top right corner, and choose “Attach widget to a page”. How to check for plagiarism in Google Classroom

The widget will appear on the right side of your screen and can be opened/closed on demand Google Classroom plagiarism checker

To see how plagiarism checker for Google Classroom can benefit your school, schedule a quick demo where we will answer your questions and show best practices. 
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