Teacher’s guide — How to use the integration

Where to start?

Google Classroom plagiarism checker for teachers

  1. Log in to https://plagiarismcheck.org. If you are a part of an institution that is subscribed to PlagiarismCheck, use the credentials that we sent to your email once you were added by an Administrator.
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner and follow “Profile” Google Classroom plagiarism checker
  3. In “Profile” click on the “Integrations” tab Google Classroom plagiarism detector for teachers
  4. In the Google Classroom area click “Connect”, chose the Gmail account you use in Google Classroom, then scroll down and click “Allow”. Now, your Google Classroom is integrated with PlagiarismCheck. Google Classroom plagiarism checker for teachers guide
  5. If you want students’ submissions to be checked automatically in some or all courses, subscribe for automated checks on the next step and click “Save”, and then “Cancel” to close this window. Google Classroom plagiarism checker integration
  6. The last step — install our Chrome Extension to work with results right in Google Classroom. Click on “Install”, and our extension will be added to your Chrome browser. Then open your extensions and pin the PlagiarismCheck extension to be always visible.How to use Google Classroom plagiarism checker for teachers
  7. If you close this window without installing the extension, you can install it later by scrolling down to the “Chrome Extension” area, and clicking “Install” Google Classroom plagiarism detection for teachers
  8. If you can’t or don’t want to install our extension, you still can see similarity scores by launching Google Classroom module below the “New Check” area. Please, see the description of its functionality below.How to use Google Classroom plagiarism checker integration
  9. Once you installed our extension, click on it in your browser and then log in. Now you can switch to Google Classroom and launch our extension to see similarity scores.
  10. In the Extension, you have two tabs: “Subscriptions” and “All courses”. The “Subscriptions” tab shows all checked submissions with reports for the courses you have subscribed to in step 4. To see the report, click on the submission, and then click on the line below it with a black number. Google Classroom plagiarism checker for teachers tool
  11. In the “All Courses” tab, you can select submissions to check manually, in case you don’t want all of them to be checked automatically. Two checkboxes “Submissions” and “Reports” allow you to see which submissions are already checked and which submissions are new. Plagiarism checker for Google Classroom
  12. To check a submission for similarity, either select a specific submission you’d like to scan and click on Check Selected, or click on Check all new… to scan all new submissions within the assignment. To access a detailed report, click on the file you want to open. Plagiarism checker Google Classroom guide for teachers
  13. For more convenience, we recommend adding a widget that displays everything you need for checking submissions for plagiarism. To add the widget, click on PlagiarismCheck.org Chrome Extension, click on your Login in the top right corner, and choose “Attach widget to a page”. How teachers can use Google Classroom plagiarism checker
  14. The widget will appear on the right side of your screen and can be opened/closed on demand Google classroom plagiarism checker tutorial

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