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Free Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage Detector

Find similarities and improve the quality and originality of your content with ease!

Use our effective plagiarism checker with percentage to detect similarities in academic content. PlagiarismCheck is the perfect tool for generating similarity reports.
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Plagiarism Checker

Very Fast and Accurate Plagiarism Checker with Percentage

Our tool helps thousands of teachers and students avoid plagiarism-related issues. Use our cloud-based algorithms to polish your content!
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Integration Capabilities of Our Plagiarism Detector with Percentage

It is easy to use our online plagiarism checker with percentage in LMS like Moodle, Google Classroom, and Canvas. You can enjoy taking advantage of the algorithms that detect similarities using a Google Docs add-on for your convenience.

Our integrations
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How to Check Plagiarism Percentage Using Our Tool

When the stakes are high, and you need to ensure there are no signs of similarities in your academic writing, our checker will analyze every little detail.
Exact matches
Rearrangements in word order and overall sentence structure
Substituting words with synonyms
Changing sentence voice from active to passive, and vice versa
. .
Even when you apply simple changes to alter the text, it won't hide plagiarized content.

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School for Girls
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College of Engineering
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Technical Education
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Management Technology
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Olympia College Ipoh
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Immaculate High School
Notesmaster Plagiarism Check
We are piloting it for the School of ICT, IBTE. We've chosen the modules and appropriate assignments/assessment which involve course work to apply PlagiarismCheck.org software. Our instructors and students find it very handy to use this. Our staff is using it before submitting any important document or paper.
So far, we found no difficulty in using this user-friendly software. All of us were extremely comfortable with the software as it served what it supposed to be - checking for plagiarism.
The plagiarism checker enabled us to minimize the academic dishonesty. Previously, students would just ‘copy and paste’ from anywhere, they seldom cite and provide proper references in their assignments. We are hoping, and noticeable immediately, that after using the plagiarism checker, that the students are now much more aware of these issues and hence, academic dishonesty could be avoided, if not totally.
We started using PlagiarismCheck.org. The girls have found it easy to use. I enjoy the fact that teachers can create folders and pupils can submit their work to the teachers folder. I had a pupil whose plagiarism percentage was too high. PlagiarismCheck.org enabled me to click on the highlighted plagiarized sentence and go straight to the site.
I highly recommend this software.
PlagiarismCheck.org is very time saving and easy to navigate tool due to user friendly account interface. At present we are using similarity detection for student’s thesis, as it is useful to protect illegal use of research work. The features we enjoy are: creating folders, searching for reports and authors, reviewing word count and member details.
Faculty members are confident with the quality output of their research article now. The output format is really appreciable.
Head of School (Information and Communication Technology), IBTE
Institute of Brunei Technical Education
Tuck Hong, Choo
Programme Leader
Olympia College, Ipoh
Sheryl Gordon
Head of Grade and Director of the Learning Resource Center
St Mary's DSG
D Satyanarayana
Telangana University
Professor & Head Department of CSE
Amal Jyothi College of Engineering

Plagiarismcheck.org is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 15 reviews on G2.

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Benefits of Our Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage

One of the main purposes of any academic project is to contribute to the current understanding of the topic. Therefore, PlagiarismCheck.org aims to foster academic integrity, assisting scholars in duplication detection. Every original piece of content that a student produces boosts the quality of their education and amplifies the learning institute.

PlagiarismCheck.org takes a bespoke approach to every client. Its flexibility allows you to customize the tool according to the specific needs of your educational institution. The interface of our tool is simple and user-friendly. Your staff will enjoy using it on a daily basis.

Discover the benefits of using our anti-plagiarism checker

Our plagiarism checker with percentage helps students improve their critical thinking while emphasizing the originality of their ideas. They will also have an excellent opportunity to improve their writing skills. Using this tool creates a culture of academic integrity.

When you use our free online plagiarism checker with percentage, you make the process of detecting potential plagiarism easier. You will get detailed reports that specify the parts with potential plagiarism. Our tool gives you the ability to identify hidden plagiarism in academic projects to improve the quality of education.

More Reasons for You to Use Our Plagiarism Checker Online Free with Percentage

It is hard to overestimate the significance of creating original content. It is especially relevant for students and young scholars who must contribute considerably to the scientific community with every project they develop. An academic project aims to bring novelty instead of restating well-known facts on a specific topic. That is why our plagiarism checker online free with percentage can become the ultimate solution to detecting similarities in all kinds of scientific assignments. Here are several convincing reasons for you to try it.

Turning in potentially plagiarized content can damage a student's reputation considerably. Some students have misconceptions about plagiarism. They believe that plagiarism means using someone else's ideas as your own by copying and pasting their direct quotes in academic papers without referencing them. However, it is still plagiarism if you paraphrase their ideas and ignore referencing. Our plagiarism checker percentage makes it possible to detect the slightest similarities. Submitting a project that is not original might have severe consequences. Even one such accusation can make teachers forget all of your previous achievements. Such reputational damage might be difficult to overcome. Therefore, it is always a sound idea to scan for plagiarism whenever you need to turn in your assignments.

Another advantage of our plagiarism checker online by percentage is that it helps you paraphrase experts' quotes. Inevitably, you will need to rely on the existing research when you work on your project. However, it is not enough to simply change a couple of words. Our tool will assist you in detecting similarities between your text and millions of others. You will know which parts you need to rewrite to avoid plagiarism issues.

It is also crucial to highlight unintentional usage of plagiarized content. You might come up with a brilliant idea for your project and then find out that some other scholars have already discussed it in their own work. It can be disappointing and frustrating. Teachers might doubt that you were unaware of plagiarism when you submitted your paper. In a word, it is better to use a plagiarism detector percentage than face the potential consequences of plagiarism issues.

Note that checking your texts is safe with our plagiarism detector with percentage, as we do not upload them anywhere else. It means that when your teachers run them with any other checkers, they will not find any similarities. Our tool also allows you to detect citations and references. The algorithm will exclude them from your overall originality score.

Typos and mistakes can also stand in the way of scoring high on your assignments. To help you overcome this obstacle, our tool has a grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker. Use it before submitting your papers and polish up your writing.

Plagiarism Checker Percentage Helps Educators in Many Ways

Students are not the only ones who can benefit from using our plagiarism detector with percentage. Educators of all academic levels can upload various documents to check and see if all of them are original. Consider some of these impressive benefits:

Save time while using plagiarism checker online by percentage, as it allows you to upload several docs at once. It is much more convenient than copying and pasting every single paragraph into a detection tool. Such automation of the checking process will help you increase the effectiveness of your performance.

You can customize our plagiarism with percentage detection tool according to your needs. For instance, you can upload some specific files to run checks against your texts. On top of that, we use sources that are not available to users for free. Therefore, you get access to those sources through our tool. Remember that you can integrate our tool into many educational platforms - Moodle, Google Classroom, and Canvas. You can also use the Google Docs add-on to simplify the plagiarism detection process.

One of the major benefits of our plagiarism tool is that you will get links to all the initial sources that result in similarities in a student's text. You can follow these links to compare the level of similarity and evaluate the credibility of those sources. If you're wondering how to check plagiarism percentage when you need to run multiple checks, we have good news for you. Our tool has an unlimited number of checks for our clients. You can also leave feedback or make notes for students on a report you receive.

How to Avoid Plagiarism Using Our Plagiarism Detector Percentage

Even though our tool is the perfect tool to check plagiarism with high accuracy, students can follow some simple rules to avoid including unoriginal ideas in their projects.

  • Your project should not consist only of other scholars' ideas. In this case, it does not bring any academic value to the scientific community. Collect relevant ideas, look through theses and dissertations to find more sources for your research, and identify the knowledge gaps and opportunities for future study. In what way can you contribute to the existing body of knowledge?
  • Work on your writing style. Even though academic writing has many specific requirements, there is still some room for creativity. Analyze the works of others, read sample papers, and decide which writing techniques you can borrow from them.
  • Always use quotation marks when you include the words of other scholars. Be sure to create a detailed bibliography page and reference all the sources you've used. Also, try to avoid using long quotes. They can change the natural form of your writing.
  • Analyze the kind of assignment and decide whether it's appropriate to use multiple citations. If you are writing a creative essay and reflecting on your past experience, it is not typically necessary to cite many sources.
  • Finally, remember to check your project for grammar and spelling errors. You can use many online tools, including ours, to highlight the misspelled words and correct the mistakes. Such tools are convenient as they can detect what word you are trying to use even when you are unsure of its correct spelling.

Hopefully, now you know the many benefits of our tool. Don't hesitate to contact our customer service managers to learn more information. They will be glad to answer your questions. Use our tool to score high on your assignments and ensure you don't use others' ideas without listing them in your project's bibliography list.