Moodle LMS is used worldwide.

According to Dean Saunders, CEO at @eCreators, there are 68 million users registered in Moodle (source).

Are you one of them? If yes, we are glad to enrich Moodle with an effective similarity detection plugin among moodle plugins.  Moodle integrated similarity detector What does it mean for K-12 and higher ed?

  1. save time no need to hand pick plagiarism, let us do that for you.
  2. easy to use both students and instructors can access similarity report at any moment
  3. cost effective Moodle integration comes at no cost

The integration gives instructors a chance to choose assignments for which a similarity report is needed. In the assignment settings enable PlagiarismCheck plugin. Moodle integrated plagiarism detector   All files submitted by students for this assignment will have an option to review the plagiarism report. The report is visible to both students and instructors, thus students can learn and improve their writing, while instructors properly grade submissions. Moodle integrated similarity checker Integration also means that all educational process happens within one platform. There is no need to log in to any other tool except for Moodle. Contact us at to set up a trial account and test the integration yourself.