Instructor’s guide — How to see submissions and access Similarity & AI reports

This guide explains how to view students’ submissions in your assignments.

  1. Open an assignment created through External Tool where students were supposed to submit their works (to access them follow Course —> Select a Module —> Select an assignment).How to see submissions Brightspace
  2. Under the instructions you will see every student who submitted an assignment as a separate row.How to see submissions Brightspace
  3. Click on a row to see the details of submissions in the following columns:
    • Attempts — show the number of an attempt.
    • Title — shows the name of a submission.
    • Check ID — a unique identifier of a Similarity & AI report in our system.
    • Status — shows if a submission was checked.
    • Similarity — overall percentage of text in this submission that is similar to one or more sources.
    • AI — overall percentage of sentences identified as potentially AI-generated.
    • Submission date — indicates when this attempt happened.
    • Action — allows opening a Similarity & AI report or downloading original file.How to see submissions Brightspace

4. You can open a detailed Similarity & AI report by clicking on the report ID or on the “Open originality report.”

5. You can add a grade to an attempt.

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