Instructor’s guide — How to use an integration

Using Moodle integration

Plagiarism checking for Moodle

 1. Make sure you added users to your PlagiarismCheck account. Users can be added by an Administrator (Owner) at or our team can add users for youHow to check for plagiarism in Moodle

2. Create an Activity. plugin supports Assignments, Quiz, or Forum type of Activity. Check for plagiarism in Moodle

          3. In Quizzes plugin will work for essay responses.

Moodle plagiarism checking guide

4. In the assignment settings, go to plugin. Set ‘Enable plugin in this module’  to ‘Yes’ and adjust the other available plugin settings. Here you can set the minimum similarity percentage for the sources to be listed in the similarity report and also include/exclude self-plagiarism, references, quotes, and AI Detector’s result.

PlagiarismCheck plugin for Moodle

If set to ‘Yes’, the ‘Exclude self-plagiarism’ setting will not show matches with the user’s previously submitted documents.  Please note that the changes to the settings cannot be applied to the already submitted documents retrospectively and will only affect the forthcoming submissions. Once you configured an assignment, click “Save and return” or “Save and display” to save settings.

5. In the Submission, there is a similarity score and AI Checker result next to every file. Guide for Plagiarism Check in Moodle6. Click on the similarity percentage to view a report, a compilation of problematic zones in your text. Reports are available to both instructors and students. Plagiarism detection in MoodleYou can review each highlighted part throughout the whole document. On the right side, you’ll see a panel with links to the resources where the same paragraphs or expressions can be found. These are the parts you need to consider when checking papers for plagiarism. You can also turn the uniqueness check for those parts of the text in quotes on or off using a switcher on the bottom right panel. It’s useful for parts of big research projects where the literature overview takes up a huge part of the whole paper. 

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Moodle free plagiarism plugin by

If you type “free plagiarism check Moodle” into your browser, you may get confused by the results, as free services are not always the most reliable ones. The plugin we offer to you is a secure way to check your papers and save time when working with students’ papers.  With this plugin, you’ll see all your students’ papers with the originality issues highlighted.

The Moodle plagiarism checker you should try

If your istitution uses Moodle as a learning management system, then you probably wonder if there are any plugins to complement it for convenient everyday use. Plagiarism detection tools that work online will help you save tons of time! We have some similar thoughts on that account and have made a Moodle plagiarism checker that can prepare a similarity report on each of your assignments. It’s totally student-friendly, uses the appropriate guidelines, and can be considered the best software for Moodle similarity check. Let’s have a look at how our checker can work for your own good in your learning management system. First, let’s proceed to the installation instructions.

Moodle free plagiarism plugin by

If you type “free plagiarism check Moodle” into your browser, you may get confused by the results, as free services are not always the most reliable ones. The plugin we offer to you is the most secure way to check your paper and improve it before the submission deadline. You don’t have to look for any other resources online or just to keep your fingers crossed and send your paper without any check at all. With this plugin, you’ll see all your papers with the uniqueness issues highlighted. While rewriting or replacing information in questionable paragraphs, remember to keep your thoughts in line and do not break the narrative logic. After making your corrections, you can update the document to see if your similarity score improves.  If you study the links our plugin marks as sources of plagiarism before rewriting the problematic parts, you’ll save yourself some time for the second tour of edits, mostly because you’ll avoid the same expressions that might be marked as plagiarism again.   We hope that with the plugin for Moodle from, you’ll be able to do your homework more efficiently than ever before. Try it and leave us feedback on how you like it; we’re constantly updating our tool to make it more precise and helpful for students and their mentors.

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