Before being placed on the website where you read it (thank you, by the way!), this article has been composed on Google Docs. We bet you also use this tool to write and format your papers, as it is convenient and free.

However, performing tasks other than writing and editing – checking the texts for plagiarism, for example – is not that easy. Google Docs provides no built-in solution, so teachers, students, and writers need to find a reputable plagiarism detector, copy the content they want to scan, and complete the task on the side platform. It may be bearable when you have one document, but the work becomes excruciating with a considerable number of papers.

That’s when Google Docs add-ons come into play.

Add-ons extend the capabilities of Google Docs, enabling users to apply features the initial processor does not offer. So, plagiarism-checking add-ons allow scanning the page for similarities and seeing the result right in the document!

How to Use Plagiarism Checking Google Docs Add-On

Here are easy steps to check for plagiarism in Google Docs with our add-on.

1. To extend your toolkit on Google Docs, go to the Extensions tab and choose the Add-ons menu. Press the “Get add-ons” button to select the tool you want to include. In our example, we go for the add-on:

How to Check for Plagiarism on Google Docs


2.  After the installation, you will see the tool in your Add-ons menu. Just press “Start” to use it!

How to Check for Plagiarism on Google Docs

3. The system will ask you to log in. add-on is free for the service customers. If you are new to the tool, join us now and get one free check right away!

Please note that you need to have pages on your balance to perform the check. The add-on counts the number of pages scanned the same way as when you check it in the window on the website.

4. Press “Proceed” to check your document for plagiarism.

How to Check for Plagiarism on Google Docs

You will see the result on the same page! Click “Open report” to get the detailed analysis and access the sources.

Follow the links to compare the paper to the sources where the matches have been detected. See whether the text has been composed by a human or AI, and get a chance to polish your writing – the tool will navigate you through the extracts that need editing!

How to Check for Plagiarism on Google Docs offers efficient plagiarism check and a reputable AI text checker that comes to the rescue in any situation. Check out our handy platform, try the Google Docs add-on, and explore LMS integrations and browser extensions to be always confident in your paper’s originality!