Essay plagiarism checker is an essential tool used by students and educational institutions. customers prove the detector has enhanced their workflow and boosted students’ writing skills. How can you use a similarity checker to make the most of it? Here are the most popular plagiarism checker questions explained for you.

Plagiarism checking FAQ

Is it like Turnitin?

Generally, yes, is also a plagiarism detector. However, each tool uses unique algorithms and has peculiarities.

  • We offer a deep Internet search, providing accurate real-time results.
  • Your data safety is our priority, you are in charge of your texts. If you want to delete them — you can do this anytime.
  • Our customers value our fast and responsive support.

What plagiarism score is acceptable?

No universal benchmark regarding the acceptable percentage of alleged plagiarism exists. Our customers’  experience shows that less than 20% are usually considered allowed. However, some teachers and institutions do not approve more than 5% of alleged plagiarism in papers.

What is AI percentage?

AI percentage shows the part of the text allegedly generated by AI. So, if you see 20% in the check results, it means that traces of machine-written content were detected in 20% of the paper. Read more on how to interpret AI Detection tool results.

Are AI detectors reliable?

Any AI detector can occasionally deliver false-positive results, as the AI model sometimes resembles human writing, and humans can compose predictable machine-like text. However, advanced algorithms developed by ensure 97% accuracy and continue to be improved. Read more on how we analyze the text for AI traces.

What sources do you check? conducts deep Internet search, including archived content, your institution’s private repository, students’ submissions from various schools, and scientific content in journals. A custom database allows teachers to add resources and papers to avoid submitting already checked works and copying from other students.

How can I be sure my text is safe?

Security is one of our top priorities. Unlike some other plagiarism detection tools, never publishes the customers’ texts. You have access to your content in our protected database and can delete it anytime.

How long does it take to get a report?

It takes approximately 30 seconds to scan a text up to 20 pages long. You get a comprehensive report immediately after the scanning.

I have a 5-page document, but it shows I have 7. What is wrong?

One page on contains 275 words. This count may differ from what you see in MS Word or other systems, where the smaller the font is, the more words one page has.

How does your pricing for institutions work? provides two types of subscription plans for institutions:

  • per user (student);
  • per page.

The educational institution can choose the option that suits their needs. The price starts at $1 per user and contains no hidden costs for integration or training. Integration with popular LMS and unlimited training are included in a per-user subscription.

Is this a monthly or yearly subscription for individual users? for individuals provides a pay-as-you-go system. You pay only for the number of pages you check and buy more whenever you need!

Does your price include integration and training?

Absolutely! Not only do we have affordable prices compared to other plagiarism detection solutions. subscription plan for institutions includes onboarding, 24/7 customer support, a personal account manager, and unlimited training.

Have more questions? Contact support for any plagiarism detection queries.

Moreover, we offer a free demo and a trial check. No matter whether you have a request to “check my paper for plagiarism” or plan to implement new standards of similarity detection in your educational institution, we have the best solutions for you!