Moodle Plagiarism Checker Plugin

Looking for a plagiarism checker for Moodle? It seems that you’ve found it already! Use our PlagiarismCheck tool to get the similarity score of your assignment right from your Moodle account. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any complex installation.

Using Moodle integration

  1. Make sure you added users to your PlagiarismCheck account. Users can be added by an Administrator (Owner) at or our team can add users for you
  2. Create an Assignment. plugin supports Assignment type of Activity.
  3. In the assignment settings, go to plugin → Enable plugin in this module → Yes → Save and return
  4. In the Submission, there is a similarity score next to every file.
  5. Click on the similarity percentage to view a report, a compilation of problematic zones in your text. Reports are available to both instructors and students.
    You can review each highlighted part throughout the whole document. On the right side, you’ll see a panel with links to the resources where the same paragraphs or expressions can be found. These are the parts you need to consider when checking papers for plagiarism. . You can also turn the uniqueness check for those parts of the text in quotes on or off using a switcher on the bottom right panel. It’s useful for parts of big research projects where the literature overview takes up a huge part of the whole paper.

    How to restrict PlagiarismCheck plugin to specific courses or users

     If you want to make the plugin available only for certain users or courses published in your Moodle, you can group the courses into categories and set specific permissions for the plugin.

    • Go to ‘Site administration’ and choose ‘Manage courses and categories’ in the ‘Courses’ tab. 
    • Click on ‘Create new category.’ 
    • For demonstration purposes, we created two categories: ‘With PlagiarismCheck’ and ‘Without PlagiarismCheck.’ 
    • In the settings menu, choose ‘Permissions.’
    • Filter out the permissions for plugin and add/ remove user roles you would like to have/ not have access to the plugin.
    • To make PlagiarismCheck Moodle plugin invisible for course participants, remove all roles from Roles with permission. 

    Now you can add courses to each category. The plugin will not be shown as an option for courses where users are not permitted to use Moodle plugin. 

    Moodle free plagiarism plugin by

    If you type “free plagiarism check Moodle” into your browser, you may get confused by the results, as free services are not always the most reliable ones. The plugin we offer to you is a secure way to check your papers and save time when working with students’ papers. 

    With this plugin, you’ll see all your students’ papers with the originality issues highlighted.