Сanvas Plagiarism Checker — How to set up the integration using LTI

Looking for a reliable tool to check plagiarism Canvas? Try our quick integration to view your papers' originality rate, deal with any similarities, and have all the information about your assignments available at a glance.


The Canvas plagiarism checker you should definitely try

Our software can integrate with Canvas LMS anytime you need. It allows users to easily check submissions for similarity with the help of our Canvas plagiarism checker.

Step 1

Log in to PlagiarismCheck.org account (Owner role), click on “Profile” in the top-right corner and click on “View profile”

Step 2

In the profile, click on the “Integrations” tab


Step 3

Click on Connect to Canvas LMS and get a token

Step 4

Copy your LTI2 link

Step 5

In Canvas, go to Admin and open the account

Step 6

Open Settings → Apps → View App Configuration

Step 7

Click on + App

Step 8

Choose By LTI 2 Registration URL and in the Registration URL field, paste the token you have received on Step 2

Step 9

Use PlagiarismCheck.org app to successfully check papers for similarity and help students develop their writing skills.

Read a quick guide on how to enable users’ synchronization between Canvas and PlagiarismCheck.

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