Getting new information is the reason why we consume any content, and fostering an original mindset ready to produce ideas is one of the main tasks of education. For this reason, no matter if you are a teacher, student, author, or content creator, uniqueness is the key to successful and honest work.

Even accidental copying entails severe repercussions in creative, professional, and academic domains. Hence, a reliable plagiarism detector is a must-have part of any text-related workflow. How exactly can this instrument help elevate the writing and editing processes?

Who can benefit from a plagiarism checker

Teachers use plagiarism-checking tools as a first step in assignment evaluation. If the essay is copied, it is not worth spending time at giving feedback on the text. Manually comparing the paper to the sources and peers’ writing takes time and effort, while the similarities detector does it automatically, giving instructors time to focus on teaching. features admired by educators:

  • Detailed report with links to the sources where similarities have been found for deep analysis.
  • The custom database enables the teachers to add other students’ works for comparison.
  • LMS integrations provide checking for plagiarism directly on the convenient platform. It even works for Quizzes and Discussions on Canvas and Brightspace!
  • Accounts for teachers enable them to organize the assignments and provide instant feedback to the students.

Students use plagiarism detectors to polish their assignments before submitting them. Even without the intention to cheat, one can accidentally copy someone else’s ideas. So, a trustworthy similarity detector helps the students stay on the safe side, ensure proper paraphrasing, and improve their writing skills even before getting feedback from the instructor. features helpful for students:

Content writers & publishers ensure the text is unique and ready for release. Since uncovered plagiarism entails severe legal, reputational, and financial consequences, checking any content for originality before publishing is crucial. features relevant for content creators:

  • The tool checks the text against the web pages, including freshly published or unavailable at the moment of scanning.
  • Chrome Extension provides fast and easy plagiarism checks on any website.
  • Google Doc add-on facilitates the integration of similarity checks into the working process.

Beyond plagiarism checking: a comprehensive solution for writing

Modern plagiarism detectors go far beyond similarity detection, becoming a one-stop solution for text analysis and improvement. Here are some features top-notch tools can include on the example of

    • AI text detector. Since AI cheating has become a burning issue, and chatbots don’t produce original content, it is essential to distinguish between human-written and machine-generated writing. Getting an AI score with plagiarism detection results is much more convenient than using two different tools; hence, the best similarity detectors also check for AI.
    • Grammar and punctuation check. When we focus on the ideas we want to express, it is easy to forget about details. The proofreading tool helps to make the document immaculate without running the text through additional checks.
    • Fingerprint Authorship Verification. This feature was developed for educators who want to ensure the text’s authenticity and prevent contract cheating and ghostwriting. It may also be handy for publishers. The tool checks the text against other examples of the author’s writing to determine whether the writing is authentic.
    • Citation Generator. The instrument is designed for students to teach them proper referencing and make citing the sources fast and easy.
    • LMS Integrations. Integrations are indispensable for educators as they allow checking for plagiarism with one click right in the convenient LMS. API Access makes it even easier, enabling teachers to use the tools in any environment.
    • Browser extensions and add-ons. Check the content on any Internet page for plagiarism or quickly get a similarity score right on Google Docs while working on the text–add-ons and extensions make it easy to implement plagiarism detection into any workflow. helps educators, students, and writers develop original ideas. Join us to see how our toolkit empowers your working routines!