Choose the best AI content checkerAI writing is developing rapidly, as are people’s attempts to bypass AI Content Detectors. How to choose an AI Text Detector, the result of which will not cause doubts? The right AI checker will save time, and resources, and protect your brand’s reputation and credibility.

Let’s explore the key criteria for selecting quality tools that can accurately distinguish between human-written and AI-generated text. 

5 Most Important Criteria When Choosing AI Detector

 Accuracy

Must detect at least 80% of AI

 Reliability

Identify harmful content consistently

欄 Fairness

Not discriminate against anyone

 Transparency

Transparent about their algorithms

⚙️ Integration

Integration with other tools and software

Accurate AI Content Checker

It is important to ensure that AI content detectors are accurate. Incorrect results can lead to falsely accuse of cheating or distributing untrustworthy content. AI detectors should accurately identify AI-generated text using various machine-learning algorithms and metrics.

The accuracy of these tools must be over 95%, with minimum false-positive results, and detect at least 80% of AI. You can test accuracy by generating text using ChatGPT, Bard, or other AI chatbots and comparing the results from different AI Detectors.

Reliabilе AI Writing Detector Tool 

AI content detectors should be reliable. They have to be able to identify AI-generated content consistently, even when the content is presented in different ways. There are even guides on cheating techniques that aim to make AI-generated text appear “human”. In some cases, these tricks can be effective when AI Detectors solely rely on AI-based recognition methods, have limited training data, and have outdated recognition technologies that don’t evolve with AI language models.

Fair AI-Generated Text Detector Program

AI content detectors should be fair and unbiased. They should not discriminate against any particular group of people. Recognition algorithms should work equally well in all cases.

Transparent Сhat GPT AI Detector Software

It is important to understand how AI Detectors work. What algorithms do they use to decide the difference between human- and artificial intelligence content? AI-Checkers tools analyze the structure, syntax, and grammar of text using specific patterns.

For example, PlagiarismCheck’s AI recognition model is based on the calculation of “Perplexity” and burstiness. Human language is characterized by a higher level of perplexity and a lower probability level, while machine-written text is the opposite. Besides that, these tools analyze numerous other regularly updated parameters, including individual words, sentences, and the text as a whole.

Integrated Open AI Detectors

Seamlessly integrate the AI content detector with other tools and software to streamline workflow and enhance efficiency. Ensure compatibility and leverage real-time monitoring for prompt issue detection.

In particular, AI Content Detectors can be combined with Plagiarism Checkers and integrated into the system of your existing software and website. This facilitates a streamlined workflow, accelerates text verification, and can enhance accuracy through cross-analysis by multiple tools.


There are a lot of other criteria, such as:

  • Speed
  • Customizable Settings
  • Security Features
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Compatibility with Different File Formats
  • Customer Support

Free checkers are usually flawed. So, what is the best AI content detector online? Based on the specified criteria, PlagiarismCheck can confidently compete for this distinction.

It provides a reliable, continuously updated method for detecting AI-generated text with high accuracy, convenience, and comprehensive percentage reporting. You can use a separate AI-Detect solution or an all-in-one box, with a plagiarism checker, authorship verification, and grammar improvement features.



97% of accuracy and continues to grow


regularly updated unique algorithms based on 8 years of experience with text analysis


objective and unbiased result


clear Perplexity model to detect AI 


seamless and easy API integrations


Choose the best AI content detector