With the introduction of ChatGPT, there are many tools to detect which text is human and which is generated by artificial intelligence. Some of them are free, and some are paid. Some have broader recognition capabilities, analyzing each sentence, while others only give a general verdict. So what is the best detector for ChatGPT? Let’s figure it out. 

How does the ChatGPT detector work?

Various AI classifiers are trained on vast data of human and AI text. In particular, they identify linguistic features characteristic of AI writing and style indicators that indicate the natural origin of the content. By calculating various metrics, machine-learned algorithms determine whether the text resembles AI or human style more closely.

How reliable can AI Detector for ChatGPT be?

Although no tool can provide a 100% guarantee, it is impossible to detect all text written by AI accurately. The higher the percentage of correctly recognized AI text (true positives) in AI Detector, the better. At the same time, there could be a slight incorrect marking of text written by a human as AI (false positives). It is often influenced by the length of the text being checked and whether it has undergone specific manipulations, paraphrasing, etc. You can rely on AI detectors that show an accuracy of over 95%.

A tool that can detect ChatGPT: Ensuring Authenticity

The best thing to address this complex challenge would be a ChatGPT detector with a percentage and marking each sentence that the AI probably wrote. Some detectors, in particular, TraceGPT by PlagiarismCheck.org, additionally have a different degree of marking, depending on the number of detected features of each sentence: “likely AI” or “highly likely AI”. 

Such gradation allows for an even more reliable assessment of the result. The result of AI Detector can be not only unambiguous: AI is detected or not. The verdict can be more nuanced, considering that AI chatbots are often used partially.

While AI text detection tools cannot completely solve the problem, they significantly reduce instances of fraud cases. Automated disinformation campaigns, academic dishonesty in the educational environment, an AI chatbot impersonating a human: it’s now impossible to hide.

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