As plagiarism check tools representers, we are in the first line to advocate for originality and uniqueness in text and life. Moreover, we believe that writing originality results from each person’s individuality.

Nevertheless, there are certain distinguishable characters in each profession—the kinds of teachers you can meet at any school or groups of students present at any class. Here are some educators you’ll recognize.

Old-School Character

Values the rules and methodology above all. Relies on approaches they’ve learned to become The Good Teacher. Probably won’t risk it if it’s not in the books. Classy, predictable, results-driven.

Tech Geek

Implements all the groundbreaking technologies before they even appear. Likely to have been teaching online even before the pandemic. VR simulations, AI assistance, automated assignment processing–you name it, they’ve tried it!

Creative Mind

Is never tired of coming up with new approaches and projects to make studying fun and inventive. Combines different themes and subjects, sometimes leading to surprising results.


Positions themselves more as an older friend than a mentor. Easy-going and funny, makes jokes, uses youngster slang, probably watches TikTok, and prefers a casual style. Can be natural in this role, but sometimes makes visible efforts to be the Buddy to students, which may cause the opposite effect.

Life Mentor

Considers themselves more of a life coach than a subject expert. Strives to be a wiser adviser and a supporter. Tends to discuss life matters along with the learning material. Believes that education is deeper and broader than mastering the studying program.

Collaboration Enthusiast

Prepares the students for networking better than LinkedIn. Encourages group discussions, colloquiums, collaborative projects, and presentations. Although their lessons and activities may be challenging for those who prefer individual work, they are definitely never boring!


May be provocative and even uncomfortable in their questions about issues that lie deeper than meets the eye. It is not enough to learn the rules from the book–in the Challenger’s lessons, students are galvanized into analyzing, making theories, and discussing ambiguous topics. Fosters critical thinking and creativity.


Students’ well-being is their priority. May be the most understanding teacher in the world, ready to listen to all the excuses and struggles the learners are going through. At the same time, is ready to initiate a serious talk and give a nudge when needed.

School devotee

Comes in many faces, from the annoying “my subject is the most important of all and should be your priority” to the more fun “a hundred of clubs excursions picnics and extra-curriculums” approach. The one thing remains–the devotee seems to build their lives around school activities and expect everyone to do the same!

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