PlagiarismС believes that similarity report is an essential start of the evaluation process of submitted papers.

Teachers and professors spend significant number of working hours to properly review and grade each paper. Part of this time goes to checking if content of the paper is original.

Today, technology helps automate routine tasks by using a smart AI algorithm to run the check and search for matches though the web within moments. As a result teachers get complete and intuitive reports in a glimpse of an eye.

Benefits of PlagiairsmС similarity report are:

  1. better understanding of an analysis and sources student used to write the paper;
  2. faster review of the ability to cite sources correctly;
  3. stronger assessment of proper credit given to all used sources.

Comparison review report is an important; however, just the starting, part of the evaluation process. We encourage educators to treat report as a source of information that is quickly generated, thus saves time for further and deeper analysis of submitted works. No technology can replace quality teachers' feedback; nonetheless, we can help reduce routine work and perform thorough investigation of possible similarities.