We often receive questions from academics wondering if their papers are secure and will not be used in future.

The answer is yes.

Unlike many other similarity detection software we do not create our "own extensive base" of saved papers to be used for further search. The core idea is that our service is used to scan papers for originality and not to let service profit from it in future. Why is this so important:

  1. For academic institutions: number of submitted works does not affect quality of the reports. It is always top notch;
  2. For students: rest assured that your papers are not used for any further profit;
  3. For researchers/individuals: check your paper as many times as you wish, whenever you wish; it will still appear original.

Our algorithm scans all open access sources in real time ensuring that search is always accurate and up to date.

We are proud to say: once you submit your paper to PlagiarismСheck.org no one except for you will ever see or use it. For PlagiarismСheck.org this is fundamental rule to guard authorship rights.