Numerous essays, colloquiums, and discussions aim to teach the new generation creativity, independence, and critical thinking – the essential qualities in our fast-changing world. Plagiarism-checking tools are invaluable for helping students shape their original style and unique mindset. facilitates the learning process for both students and teachers. Highlighting the parts of the text that could have been copied, the tool stimulates students to improve their writing and saves time for educators.

Since education is all about evidence-based knowledge and fact-checking, we will not ask you to take our word for it. Let Plagiarism Check success stories of our clients speak for themselves.

Understand plagiarism to meet the challenges of the digital era

Macarthur Anglican School in Australia provides a special “All My Own Work” course for senior students. According to Mrs Rebecca Fitzpatrick, the school`s Head of Innovation and Learning Centre, understanding plagiarism-related issues is a significant part of the unit. Plagiarism Check has become an indispensable part of the school`s learning process.

Fitzpatrick notes that the Plagiarism checker helps to prepare the students for the future. They learn to meet the university requirements and the fast-moving digital world demands.

“PlagiarismCheck has helped us to stay on top of plagiarism in this digital age in a responsible and ethical manner,” says Rebecca.

Avoid accidental plagiarism

Rebecca Fitzpatrick from Macarthur Anglican School notes that Plagiarism Check has reduced the percentage of copying in the student`s papers. Plagiarism checker results encourage profound analysis, catching even the cases of unintended appropriation when the student accidentally repeats someone else`s ideas.

Anti-plagiarism case studies at Bridgeport International Academy in the USA show that students use PlagiarismCheck before submitting the assignment to ensure its originality. The students learn that plagiarism is a serious academic offense, and this understanding will help them in college, believes the academy`s Headmaster, Frank LaGrotteria.

Make teachers` life easier

Rebecca Fitzpatrick from Macarthur Anglican School highlights the Plagiarism Checker`s ability to simultaneously process large volumes of work and detect papers that students have resubmitted. She notes that storing previous samples prevents the re-use of already submitted tasks.

For Courtney Johnson, English Dept. Chair in Matthew Road Academy in Dallas, Texas, PlagiarismCheck has become a solid argument when the students try to pass plagiarized work for their own.

Frank LaGrotteria notes the easiness of checking the students` assignments. Moreover, the PlagiarismCheck tool has taught students to submit citations “according to each teacher’s preferred format.”

Smooth workflow integration

Courtney Johnson implemented Plagiarism Check in the seventh, eighth, and ninth-grade English classes at Matthew Road Academy. Johnson notes that their students have mastered the tool easily. Courtney is so satisfied with the instrument that the school plans to expand its use to other grade levels.

“We chose PlagiarismCheck because of the integration with Google Docs, the ease-of-use, reliability, and the cost,“ shares Johnson.

Rebecca Fitzpatrick emphasizes the tool`s ability to integrate the software with Google Classroom. According to her, the program facilitates the papers` submission and makes the job easier.

Help with proper citation

The educators of Bridgeport International Academy faced the challenge of introducing the concept of plagiarism and proper citation to students from various backgrounds. The partnership with the Academy has become one of Plagiarism Check success stories. The Academy`s Headmaster, Frank LaGrotteria, describes the program as “very intuitive”.

“Students just add in the website link, and the citation is created automatically. They can also choose from a variety of citation styles. It enables students to make citations from websites, books, articles, etc. A great resource and is connected right to your email, very convenient!”

Courtney Johnson from Matthew Road Academy also encounters numerous cases when the tool has helped the students “catch places in their writing where they forgot to cite their sources.”

Our clients agree on another benefit: affordability. “ fits well within our budget, providing a needed service that is affordable. It has become an integral part of our curriculum,” concludes LaGrotteria.

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