It is possible to recognize content created by ChatGPT or other AI models. There are a variety of tools that can help automate this process. How to find out who wrote the text: an AI chatbot or a person? 

And how accurate and enlightening can the results be? In this article, we will talk about how the appropriate tools for security and for protecting academic and artistic integrity work.

Is there anything that can detect ChatGPT?

Fortunately, there are now several fairly accurate methods of identifying ChatGPT. AI writing has its own style. Usually, these are long sentences, a specific selection of words and wording, a random lack of coherence in the text, and predictability. Some of the most famous tools that can distinguish AI texts from human ones with the help of special algorithms are:

  • TraceGPT
  • AI Text Classifier
  • GPTZero
  • Originality.AI
  • Writer AI Content Detector

One notable tool is TraceGPT, which has gained popularity in hundreds of institutions. This is the ChatGPT checking tool by PlagiarismCheck, which shows over 97% accuracy, flags sentences that contain signs of AI, and calculates a percentage of AI text. It can also be built into a plagiarism сhecker, making cheating detection even faster and easier.

How to identify ChatGPT-generated content?

Even though the new ChatGPT 4 models mimic humans more effectively, they can still be distinguished from human writing. Measuring identifiable characteristics allows you to do this in a few clicks.

For example, to identify ChatGPT-generated content using TraceGPT, you need the following:

  • Pass the text: through the web platform, Google add-on, or API integration with LMS.
  • Find out if the text contains AI-generated content and how big the percentage of AI text is ;
  • Download the full report in PDF format to provide reasoned feedback to the students or colleagues.

Of course, the final decision about the origin of the text is made by a person. At the same time, thanks to the availability of reliable tools, you can get an accurate analysis of the text by a dozen parameters in just a moment. It will help you efficiently deal with the ChatGPT content recognition problem.