A plagiarism checker is a great tool to steer clear of copying, which can occur unintentionally or deliberately. However, in learning and growing, we always want to address the root of the issue so we can not only detect the problem but prevent it from emerging.

Here are some experience-based strategies to help you boost your skills, evade plagiarism, and enjoy the process and the result of writing!

1. Explore the sources

Original ideas are the key to original writing. So, rule number one: never limit yourself to one source of information. Even if your paper is based on some concepts and you need to consult the books, always look for different angles on the problem. This way, you can compose a proper research paper rather than retell the content of one article. Analyzing and explaining the subject of your writing in your own words will definitely sound more authentic than paraphrasing somebody’s work.

2. Discover your truth

Key number two: bring value. Your individuality is the unbeatable contributing factor that makes your paper original, as literally no one else can share your experience. You can operate with facts and somebody’s concepts and theories if your task requires that, but a personal touch is always what makes the difference. Think of what fresh ideas you can add to your writing and what examples from your experience, reflections, or thoughts can enrich the work. Develop your writing style so it will be distinguishable among hundreds of others. It’s not only about essays but your personality: find your voice, and don’t be shy about speaking your truth! Then, your writing will always be inimitable, just as you are.

3. Cite and attribute

It’s okay to quote someone; it’s plagiarism if you don’t attribute. The copying problem is not exactly in using some sources but in passing someone’s ideas for one’s own. Honesty is the answer: if you implement somebody’s work, recognize it.

  • Maintain the balance – it is appropriate and even necessary to reinforce your ideas with some citations and facts, but you better not turn the whole work into the quotes collection.
  • Take notes regarding the sources right away while researching to provide proper attribution and avoid unintended plagiarism. You will say thank you to yourself once you have a ready Reference List instead of chaotic citations and your drafts to sort out.
  • Use a citation generator to attribute the sources according to the needed style and your professor’s requirements.

4. Invite AI to help overcome writer’s block

Sometimes, fresh ideas require brainstorming. At the same time, our mind is not always fresh enough to sparkle with revelations and concepts. In this case, we can ask AI for a little push. Let us be clear: we do not encourage you to generate your writing by Chat GPT. Moreover, we are convinced such usage violates academic integrity and relates to serious infringements. However, AI can be a good companion in search of inspiration: you can ask for ideas on composing a catchy introduction or wrapping up the subject to make it novel. Please mind that you should not copy-paste the AI-generated text as it cannot be considered original. Moreover, the Chat GPT detector can trace machine-written content, and your assignment will be discarded. So, use AI prompts in search of ideas, and then put your creativity into action.

5. Stay safe with a plagiarism detector

Even when writing from scratch, we can plagiarise. It is called accidental plagiarism, and it can happen to anyone. However, copying unintentionally is no excuse, so you want to eliminate plagiarism before someone else detects it. A plagiarism checker will be your trustful writing buddy that can highlight the parts needing editing. So, the recipe for your peace of mind and excellent results is the following.

  • Study the sources, summon your creativity, and compose a text.
  • Check it with a similarity detector to uncover potential plagiarism.
  • Analyze the results and edit the paper if needed.
  • Rest assured, your writing is fresh and polished to be submitted!

PlagiarismCheck.org can accompany you at every step on the way to original writing. Check for similarities, compare your paper to sources, trace Chat GPT, provide a proper reference list, and get inspired and creative every day!