It takes a good research to write a coherent paper.

While working virtually on any type of an assignment, students spend time analyzing information available on the given topic. A trick is to properly give credit to all resources you use to write the paper and accurately follow a given formatting style.

Goal of PlagiarismС is to help students enhance their writing skills. Thus, we have decided to add a convenient feature into user's account - Citation Generator.

Citation Generator is a quick tool to get in-text and reference page citation for most popular formatting styles: APA, MLA and Chicago. There is a three step process:

  1. Choose formatting style;
  2. Enter information about the source;
  3. Get correctly formatted citations.

Some nice extras are:

  • we have added search by ISBN (The International Standard Book Number) to simplify the process on the step 2;
  • option to keep a history of generated citation.

Now running the similarity checks becomes even more convenient, since you can instantly add a missing citation to the paper.

We are here to help produce more original content and give well deserved credit to its authors.